Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014

Berlin dessert table + nothing to wear.

Jil turned 20 recently and, although she lives in Berlin now, I wanted to prepare a little something for her.

Since my husband is in Berlin on business at the moment, it was a happy coincidence that he could take the cake and cookies for her with him.

Excuse me, could have taken with him (conjunctive II, past perfect tense. I just remembered. Something for life.)

Why it didn’t work out – more about that in a minute. Instead of cupcakes there were two different kinds of ice-cream – one fruity and one chocolaty!

A short while after Jil had moved to Berlin she had a wish: she urgently wished for a Mighty Purse, because she was out and about on public transport in the big city a lot.
(A Mighty Purse is a little purse with an integrated rechargeable battery to charge cell phones etc.)

Jil chose the black patent leather one – classic with a touch of elegance.

I laid the small Berlin dessert table with the unbelievably cute dishes by Miss Etoile:

they are exactly the right kind of playful without being tacky.
The dessert plate was hung on the wall and puts the whole thing in a kind of a jocular mood.
By the way, there are nice ice-cream cups with matching wooden spoons in this collection.

Olivia from Yippie Universe drew the Berlin TV tower especially for Jil (you have to go visit Olivia on her blog: the images and craft ideas are guaranteed to put you in a good mood!).

So why couldn’t my husband deliver the cake on time?
Because television called and asked for a date for a shoot.

Before everyone goes completely bananas now:
No, it ISN’T Hollywood and no, it is not about participating in a TV show.
It is a regional TV station that will run a report of an entire 2 minutes about me.

2 minutes?
"Not so bad. Go right ahead.” – thinks the blogger and credulously agrees, until the magnitude of it all dawns on her.
Because, dear readers, the thing that hardly anyone of you will be aware of: such a shoot brings up an important, no, a downright existential question:

1. The day before.
I tidy the house and force the kids to clean their rooms, too, while threatening them:
"If this doesn’t get done I will invite RTL2 for Wife Swap. For the role of the trashy family!”

Watching trash TV (called “report”!) in the evening while painting my nails and learning from a bratwurst test that the branded bratwursts are those of the highest quality. Immediately developing an appetite for bratwurst. At 11 pm at night.

2. Day of the shoot. Approx. 10 am.
Buying bratwursts.

Subsequently thinking about what to wear:
As they will be shooting in my living room a casual outfit would be the most appropriate: one I wear in everyday life. Shouldn’t be too difficult?
Simply…a white shirt, perhaps?

3. Day of the shoot, approx. 11 am.
My bed, the floor and the closet are strewn with pieces of clothing.
Shirts, pants and tops are piling up everywhere – visually we are not far off from Wife Swap.
I have nothing to wear.

4. Day of the shoot, approx. 11:30 am.
Doorbell rings, my friend arrives – unfortunately I have to answer the door in nothing but my underwear, because I have nothing to…
We dig through my closet together and I try on a zillion combinations.
Everything nice and all, but truth is: I don’t have anything. Everything’s stupid.

5. Day of the shoot, approx. 12:30 pm.
In order to avoid answering the door for the television team in my underwear, too, I make a decision in favor of a nude silk top and a dark pair of pants.

6. Day of the shoot, approx. 1 pm.
Noelle arrives back home and isn’t thrilled about nude (remember: when in doubt, always ask Noelle).
I change into a white shirt.
We could have had that since this morning, couldn’t we?
Now a bratwurst.

The team munches on some bratwurst and strawberries and takes their shoot and I can only say one thing:
If it turns out to be crap, it has to be the shirt’s fault!
I just didn’t have anything to wear!

Sources of supply:

Miss Etoile dishes:
 Geliebtes Zuhause
Miss Etoile ice-cream cups: Geliebtes Zuhause
Cake stand: Blueboxtree
Berlin TV tower: Amazon

Mighty Purse (purse with battery for cell phones, etc.):
Villa Landleben
Berlin tags: Yippie Universe

The cookies are decorated with frosting; I always use these colors, they last a whole lot longer and the color is much more intense than the usual supermarket brands:  
Amazon (all the usual colors are in this pack), or only in black, also from Amazon. 



p.s. I will post the recipes for the most chocolaty Oreo ice-cream of all times and the strawberry cheesecake ice-cream at another time soon.

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