Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

Bye-bye 2014 - Hello 2015!

Do you remember how I decided at the end of November to personally have a particularly relaxed and pleasant December this year? 
Enthusiastically, I can tell you that it turned out exactly like that – every single moment was wonderful and instead of stress and hectic, we had a very cheerful Holiday. 

We also...

- drank the best hot chocolate from beautiful enamel mugs,  

- and made small chocolate cakes with fresh pomegranate arils. And an entire winter wonderland snow landscape with gingerbread cake. And then also  open-faced sandwiches – but not boring ones, but far from it! 

- I cuddled up in my XXL scarf, told you about 6 of my winter basics and wore an embroidered festive top – the latter on a real (but unfortunately very blustery) good hair-day,

  • It also got really cozy and festive at home with a velvet throw and we spent a whole December day together,

  • And lastly I did not only make some last minute gift suggestions, but also told you – step by step - how to succeed in managing to not feel bad during the holidays, in particular, if, for example, you receive… 

  • Lastly, in one of my favorite posts of all times, I explained to you how to govern your own country.  Successfully and lastingly, that is.

There were a few external changes for us as a family this year: 
Jil moved to Berlin, my husband started a new, work-related project and moved to Berlin, too, which is why I have been on my own with the younger children since the beginning of the year; the book, I collaborated in making, was published, a TV station was my guest, I celebrated my 40th birthday in Rome, met some of my readers and had the pleasure of hugging them tightly, and we were searching for a new home.  

The latter took more time than expected and the outcome was unsure until the very end – but was lastly fruitful. 

I generally live very much in the moment – so a true review of the year is quite challenging for me – because no matter whether it was good or bad:  
The Now to me is always the most beautiful! 
This is why I simply give you a quick summary of the year in pictures: 













I am full of gratitude that you allow me to inspire and encourage you, to kick your ass and to make you laugh – and every time I am astounded how well this works via the internet as my medium. 
Who would have thought?

We will truly put the pedal to the metal in the New Year – I am really looking forward to everything that will happen! 

We will start with decluttering and organizing in January, and, of course, there will be more details concerning the loft. 
Nobody will suffer from the winter blues, I guarantee it. 
Things will remain somewhat exciting, since such a reconstruction/restoration project cannot be carried out within a few weeks – however, we do not have that amount of time available, since we already extended our period of notice to the max. 
But then what...?

To quote my husband: 
"If you want an extraordinary piece of property, you have to be ready to take an extraordinary path.”  

Well, I am more than ready!
For extraordinary paths – for love – for new things! 
And I am looking forward to spending the new year with you! 



Thank you to Eva Ginnell for translating this post!

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