Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014

Hello most beautiful December of all times + winner!

There has rarely been a November as warm and sunny as this year’s!
I certainly enjoyed this a lot, and together with you I…

- spent a morning in Stuttgart
 and an evening on the castle’s steps  - I was even able to hug some of my readers, live and in technicolor, during the X-mas-event - oh, wasn’t that just lovely! 

- started some advent baking: in shape of a small gingerbread landscape and 2 kinds of cookies from one kind of dough,  

- made a glamorous advent calendar - and one just for myself, which was super fun,

- there was the world’s best gift guide for the Holidays,

- told you about 4 steps towards a relaxed and beautiful Christmas decoration and my recipe for happiness on an unpleasant winter’s night,

- inspired you to apply a zero tolerance strategy in your everyday life,

- and I jotted down 34 perpetual solutions to any parenting problem for you.

Everything you need for responsible parenting in just one post! 

If this isn’t a service-providing blog, I really dunno what is. 

While I am sitting on my couch, cuddled up warmly in a blanket, a cashmere sweater and a fur vest (WHERE IS THAT GLOBAL WARMING WHEN YOU NEED IT?!), I really feel like celebrating the loveliest December of all times together with you! 

How I intend to do this?
Quite simply: 
I decided for myself that this will be the most beautiful month FOR ME. Far removed from any Christmas atmosphere/stress/magic/whatever. 

And your job is very easy: 
You can just “latch” on to me anytime – and simply flow with me. 
And you will see: everything will perfectly fall into place, everything that is important will get done, with no slave driver on your back who prevents you from sleeping in peace. 
For I didn’t get the gift of a new life in freedom only to be driven by somebody or put under pressure – if I do not want this myself. 

This is why I will slow everything down very consciously: 
Visit the thermal bath with the kids and stay until closing time.
Maybe go to the zoo, like last year. 
Make some pretty crafts (I have an idea that you will surely like!) 
Wrap gifts. 
And bake cookies. 
Or maybe not, depends – I still have the star-shaped chocolate truffels. 
And go and have tea, wrapped up warm. 
Or drink tea at home and watch a movie with the kids. 

The focus here is not whether you do something or not. 

You can make your own decision – completely independent of the current circumstances (which can be very different tomorrow already), the individual situation and mood.

You do not need to comply with a standard, to compare yourself with anybody or to do things that you do not want to do.

And if anyone dares to be melancholy or depressed in the weeks ahead, feels lonely or sad – I will personally show up at your doorstep and give you a piece of my mind! 
(see: 34 solutions to…) 
Shall we?

The Igel Records audio book bundle winners are: 

Congratulations, please mail me your street address! 

And one more request: winners of the Jacobs cups, please send me a mail, as only two of you have contacted me so far. 

So, which was your favorite post in November ;)? 


This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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