Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

XXL Winter Love!

The quickest, and at the same time simplest trick to transform an older piece of clothing? 
An XXL-size scarf in an eye-catching pattern!  

In addition mine has a conservative color so that it can be easily combined with almost all basic colors, and it simply looks good every time. 
My slightly older coat received a completely fresh look in the blink of an eye and will now pass as highly fashionable – as this season scarves just cannot be big enough! 
The girls and I stocked up with a few already back in August, so there’s always a matching one for every jacket ;). 

The scarf I am wearing is a total of just over 50” by 50” and very cuddly thanks to the percentage of wool. 

If you are looking for inspiration for something festive/elegant, yet no too serious, like an advent invitation or a coffee invitation on a Sunday, e.g.: 
How about a softly draping blouse with a subtle sequin appliqué along the neckline? 

Wonderfully casual and relaxed – mine is in the color hue ‘champagne’. 

Good news for all fans of Cowboysbelt:
Just in time for the Holidays they launched a special series of their beautiful accessories, this time in a dark night blue with rosé gold rivets – available as belt, key ring or bracelet! 

XXL scarf: HERE
Blouse with sequin detail: HERE (also available in rosé, blue and black) 
Cowboysbelt special accessories: HERE
(everything via Dein Lieblingsladen – at the moment free shipping on everything!) 

watch: Michael Kors
leather leggings: Hallhuber
ankle boots: Topshop
coat with epaulets, e.g. by Street One

I was at the mall with my kids two days ago, when a reader – until then unknown to me – addressed me (she was actually urged to do so by her little, incredibly cute daughter). 

We talked for a few minutes, took a selfie and then she said the following to me: 
"Joanna, your presence is felt EVERYwhere in our house.” 

That is the most beautiful thing a reader has ever said to me – and it touched me so deeply that I may never ever recover from it. 

Christmas is done and sealed for me: nobody can give me anything nicer than that! 
I swear!



This post was translated by Eva Ginnell, thank you so much!

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