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Getting into the California mood: my beauty favorites in February!

I am going to show you this month’s favorite beauty products today – all without chemical ingredients, very natural, yet at the same time glamourous. 

I am a huge fan of self-tanning lotions – as opposed to sunbathing for hours or visiting the tanning salon. 
This is why I apply self-tanning lotion year-round, even in summer. 
In my opinion it enhances your tan in a very natural way. 

And since I can hardly arrive in California with white legs – chances are they are going to expulse me! Does anyone know the details of their entry requirements? No? That’s what I thought. – I will show you my favorite one today. 

Let’s go!

1. Peeling, brush and hand cream. 

In order to avoid unsightly streaks or blotches with self-tanning, there is just one thing: 
peeling, peeling, peeling.

The big LaBruket jar contains a sea salt peeling, with a fragrance of wild roses and added almond and olive oil: no plastic beads, which are bad for the environment, no chemical additives. 

If you like, you can use a special peeling brush – I use a massage brush for the whole body, which works just as well. 
So keep scrubbing, until your skin is all bright and rosy, it’s beneficial for the whole body! 

Hands are given extra care with the LaBruket hand cream – it soothes even very dry and chapped skin and absorbs easily. 

2. Self-tanning lotion. 

I asked you on Instagram what your favorites were – very exciting to discover new products! 

I tested a new self-tanning lotion myself this month, one that has absolutely no chemical additives, which makes it ideal for everyone with sensitive or allergic skin. 

Trilogy is one of the best organic beauty labels globally, which keeps winning prizes due to its high standards and its excellent properties. 

The gel absorbs super quickly, is easier to apply than cream and does not leave the skin feeling unpleasantly sticky. 
It is already slightly colored, so as a kind of immediate effect you can see the tan and won’t leave out any spots. 
Unfortunately it has an unpleasant smell during the application (unfortunate flaw in general when it comes to self-tanning products) – luckily it disappears after a while and all that’s left is a light and natural scent. 

3. Powder duo.

Who does not prefer a quite un-made-up, natural look for during the day? 
Some task for pale winter skin! 

If this is what you wish for, you will love this duo: 
“Und Gretel” is a brand new and sought-after label from Berlin, which focusses on ingredients of the highest quality and uses no synthetic preservatives or chemical additives. 
Already a real insider tip in make-up-artist circles for one reason only: the products are simply that good. 

The little container features a light powder, to give your entire face a matte tone, and a darker powder to enhance contours – for cheek bones, hair line, temples and a touch for the chin and the bridge of the nose, just enough - as if the sun had kissed you gently. 

There are also two small brushes made of shorn goat’s hair in the container. 
My color is called Leve and looks very, very light and natural, nearly as if no make-up was applied at all.  

“Und Gretel” also makes top-notch lip colors: 
my lip gloss is called sunrise red and is a light, yet very deep red. 

My advice for daytime application: 
Apply, then dab with a paper tissue – lips will look slightly reddened and very natural. 

4. Tea to go.

Admittedly, this is not a classic beauty product, but essential for pretty skin: 
Lot of hydration.

If you, like my daughters, like to take your tea with you wherever you go, you will be delighted about this stylish glass bottle with stainless-steel strainer and wooden lid! 

Sources of supply:
Sea salt peeling: LaBruket
Hand cream: LaBruket
Peeling brush: Voya
Massage brush: Voya

Self-tanning gel: Trilogy

Powder and blush duo: Und Gretel
Lip gloss: Und Gretel

Glass flask to go: Teatox

Everything via GreenGlam

OK, so I am ready for California! 
Tanned legs included!


By the way:
Did you know that you can personalize your donuts at all Dunkin’ Donuts franchise stores in Stuttgart? You can order a box of 6 or 12, for example, and have a personal love message or good wishes inscribed – a free-of-charge service ;). 

Sweet idea, isn’t it? 
Unfortunately I do not know whether it is available everywhere in Germany. 

Whether it is available in Cali? 
I will find out for you. 

Soon to come on this blog! 

Thank you to Eva Ginnell for translating this post.

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