Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

Bye-bye January - hello February!

Here it is already, my monthly review! 
In January you and I…

- made some New Year’s resolutions  (and I told you about my very own personal ones), 

- created the perfect closet in 5 steps with the hands-on support of Sonja&Sabine (in reality all I managed was to finish the decorative part, and even just a bit of that), 

- I gathered some sales tips for you, offered a few ideas for cold and grey winter days and showed you my latest beauty discoveries,

- additionally there was an inspiring post by Jeanette and one by me about how to fight poverty in your own life. 

- we started remodeling the factory:  
admittedly there have been few reports on the blog about it so far – who wants to see pictures of demolition work all the time? 
You can see a snapshot here or there on Instagram. 

In February I will show you our favorite soul food recipes: dishes that you REALLY look forward to when you return home, chilled to the bone.  

Despite the cold we will bring fresh things into our homes – with new, beautiful decoration items, simple dishes and fragrant flowers. 

While sitting on the couch wrapped up in a cozy cardigan, we will think about which of the next season’s pieces we will not be able to do without.

And we’ll do some crafts for Valentine’s Day. 

And I will tell you how I found the loft – in case one of you is also desperately looking for a loft. Or a house by the seaside. Or something similar. 

So, who is looking forward to February with me? 



Thank you for translating this post, dear Eva Ginnell!

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