Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Crush on silver in February.

My eldest daughter Jil came for a spontaneous visit yesterday – definitely a reason to be happy! 

Both girls went to see the Fashion museum in the Ludwigsburg Schloß (one of the most beautiful ones in the world, and quite void of people on weekdays), and enjoyed the icy cold, sunny February day.

Before Jil got back on her plane 24 hours later, we all watched Baymax for the second time, at Ben’s request, ate popcorn until we felt sick, and enjoyed updates on all the important news about job and men in Berlin. 

There couldn’t be a lovelier day than that! 

Yesterday the long-awaited package from Familienbande arrived:
The simple bracelets are produced in a small, family-run goldsmith’s and are made of solid sterling silver – optionally, they are also available in a gold or rose gold plated version (which are the ones Jil and I already wear and people ask us about them all the time). 

The two white-gold plated bracelets were originally a gift for a man – but aren’t they perfect for sisters, too? 

By the way, you can have them engraved individually, but they look very chic and sophisticated even with just the  "Familienbande" logo. 

And is this silver backpack great, or what? 
The design is inspired by Fendi, the workmanship is superb and the color simply matches everything any time. 
It would be MY favorite piece, but unfortunately Noelle thinks that you shouldn’t carry a backpack past the age of 40.
But she says this with her own best interest in mind, of course! 

Sources of supply:
bracelets: Familienbande
Backpack: Asos (this one here is at least as pretty) 

Lastly, one more wonderful piece of news that makes me personally very happy: 

Julia from MyCircus finally blogs again! 
She does not only possess an immaculate sense of style with regards to colors, and the most beautiful collection of white vases in the world, but also a very individual, very inspiring interior decoration style, which she shows on her blog, besides other home stories. 

Additionally, she teamed up with another creative force – together with Inge she gives her readers the gift of many ideas and peeks into her everyday life. 

(By the way: my sister swears by the label’s pacifier keepers, and you can win some HERE!)



Thank you to Ginnell Studio for translating this post!

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