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My favorite summershoes + 5 tips how to walk in Heels!

Today let’s go shop for shoes together: 
you don’t even have to leave the house for it, you can get comfortable on the couch, I am your personal shopping assistant and let you in on my tips for this season.

We’ll be all relaxed at any time during the day or night, and you can quite simply enjoy.

For what did 
Konfuzius grandma always say: 
Shoes can upgrade the entire outfit.
Or ruin it. 

That’s why the choice of shoes is of the same significance as the national security. 

Well, kind of. 

Today I am going to show you my personal summer shoe top 5, a nice mix of flats and high heels, of practical and WOW.

Finally there will be a tip from Noelle, so that there’ll also be something for the “not-soon-turning-40-year-olds”.


Let’s open the shoe boxes and have a look!

1. Toe-separating sandals.

Flip-flops are summer with a capital S – they embody relaxed and uncomplicated living, vacation feeling in the city.
Of cours we had such shoes already in recent years – this year flower decorations are a bit outdated, but decorative gems are very trendy.
My tip: either invest in a very simple style in natural colors made of high-quality leather and with subtle decorative gems, or in a silver or gold metallic style.

And another personal advice:
Sometimes the ridge is so thin that the leather chafes the delicate spot between the toes until it’s raw and walking becomes painful.
For this purpose shoe stores offer special little padded silicone strips you stick in for protection.

2. Buffalo
3. XTI
6. Buffalo

1. Buffalo
2. Aalm

2. Metallic.

As I have mentioned a few times before, for me metallic is THE color of the season:  
whether they are silver, gold or copper – metallic hues do not only match almost every color, but lend a higher quality to everything and turn it more classy – “a piece of jewelry on your t”, so to say.

This is why I added these strappy sandals to my pointy toed pumps.

The perfect match for all delicate little summer dresses!

Those who do not necessarily like walking in high heels: it works the same way for flats: 

metallic is an eye-catcher that isn’t flashy, yet upgrades everything.

My shoes are from ZARA (unfortunately they are no longer available), although the exact same model is for sale in silver at Mango at the moment.

5. Mango
6. Mango 

3. Snake print.

I stayed away from snake print for the longest time, because it easily looks cheap when wor in large quantities.
This year I slipped into these pumps and all but didn’t take them off anymore: a short trip into town, danced through the night, mastered a festive occasion – somehow they match every outfit! 

Therefore: be daring – applied as small accents they are exclusive without being brash.

Today I am wearing grey skinny jeans with a dark blue and white color-block sweater – snake print pumps make ita sophisticated instead of boring affair.

By the way: these pumps from 
Mango are my most comfortable high heels!

1. Mango
2. Mango
3. Mango
4. Mango
5. Mango

4. Open toe ankle boots.

Sometimes you need somebody who encourages you to try something new for a change. 
Believe it or not: in this case my husband drew my attention to these shoes – I wouldn’t have tried them on by myself.

Once worn and completely love-stricken: very fashionable, very special, definitely WOW.

My ankle boots are from Barbara Bui – yesterday for example I wore them with a green silk dress, see

1. Mango
4. Anna Field (only blue ones left)
6. Pier one
5. Loafer.

Still in style this year: 
Loafers are simply the most comfortable shoes – and still don’t look frumpy. If you still have last year’s model in nude or beige, add one a little more fancy: sparkly, animal print or patterned – anything that creates a good mood and is an eye-catcher. 

Noelle’s loafer are from blogger 
Chiara Ferragni’s collection.

1. Zign
3. Zign
4. Ash

And finally Noelle’s tip:
These loafers are hot shit ;) this year. Here are the nicest ones:  

1. Zign
2. Eden
3. Eden
5. KMB

People ask me all the time how I can walk in high heels – and I have collected some tips for you that work for me.

How to... walk in High Heels:

1. Pay attention to your body’s tension – everything should be slightly braced, you can’t “shuffle” in high heels or somehow just sloppily stomp about.
Shoulders back, stand upright, tense your buttocks a little, arms can hang by your sides in a relaxed fashion.
Don’t worry, there’ll come a time when you don’t do this consciously anymore ;), it happens immediately when you stand on elevated heels.
Advantage: you instantly appear more self-assured and self-aware and the entire posture changes.

2. I always ake BIG steps.
First the heel, then the rest of the foot – subconsciously of course.
I don’t scuttle like a Japanese geisha, I don’t walk, I stride ;).
I don’t stroll, I float ;).
Always step with gusto – and the grand entrance is yours.
It’s interesting that you hardly ever twist your ankle that way.

3. If you are a little unsure, “work your way up” slowly.
The basic principle is:
The fatter and lower the heel, the more stable and sure your gait will be.
Therefore don’t hesitate to start with kitten heels and then add more height every time.

Rule of thumb:
If you slip on high heels and try to stretch up to stand on the balls of your feet (does everyone know what I mean? Like a ballet dancer.) – and it DOES NOT work, or barely works:  
Then you won’t be able to walk in them either.  
If, on the other hand, you can stretch up at least 2 cm – then it will work.

4. As long as you don’t wear custom-made shoes there will hardly be a shoe that fits you PERFECTLY.
There is pressure here, it is too wide there, this spot is chafing – the fit of the shoe is not always related to its price.

In the beginning of the season I bought virtually everything possible:
Gel inserts, strips for the back edge, special little sticky pads, etc.
They are all available in drug stores.

5. Without wanting to sugarcoat anything:
you can’t walk for hours in high heels without pain.
This is why I take my high heels off at every opportunity I get to sit down (pay attention to pretty summer feet;)) – and very often I carry flats with me as an alternative, when I know I have to walk a lot.
But it’s not that bad during the summer months, because effortlessness is a wonderful match.

I hope you have fun striding ;)!


p.s. Which shoes can you not live without this summer ;)?

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