Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

For all fans of sophisticated television entertainment…

... unfortunately I don’t have a picture for you today.

For everybody else:

in case you missed my television appearance, don’t worry: so did I.
The one time you appear on television and what happens?
You forget to watch it.
But luckily we are in *magic trick* internet land, where this is no problem.

But before passing on the direct link to you, here are some behavioral rules for the show:

1. Anyone who mentions my white blouse in the comments, is excluded from reading the blog for a week.
I just didn’t have anything to wear, for crying out loud!

2. Anyone who describes my voice in particular and myself in general as “cute”, is excluded from reading the blog for…um…ever
Well, at least for a very, very long time.

Because: I had to answer spontaneously, there was no retake, I was nervous, and this means the pitch of the voice is a bit higher than usual.

And it was my first time.

I am not “cute”.

I am…dangerous!

3. If the broadcast was reason for anyone to join as a new reader:
In reality I’m totally sweet and cute!
Yes, really…at least in the beginning.

4. Little Thursday quiz for puzzle fans:
find the place where something was digitally added afterwards that doesn’t exist in real life like that.

(Tip: would I decorate anything, if the colors didn’t match perfectly? Would I?)

OK, so here we go:


And remember what I said!

Surely you don’t want to risk everything and get kicked out, right?

I’ll see you later with a PROPER post, until then lots of love,

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