Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

Liebesbotschaft Basics III.: Luxury Cashmere Coat!

Before I introduce a new garment from the Liebesbotschaft-Basics-Collection on the blog I wear it for a few days or even one or two weeks on trial: I want to be sure that each piece really wows me – the fit, the workmanship, the quality.

It was the same this time – with one small difference that the coat was nowhere to be found after a few days.
No matter how much I searched for it, the coat was gone.
Did I leave it somewhere?
Did one of my daughters accidentally iron it on a setting that was too hot?
Was it sucked into the bermuda triangle slash our laundry room?
(and we all know it: this is unfortunately the most likely scenario).

A few weeks after Jil had moved to Berlin I went to visit her in her apartment and the esteemed reader may have a guess what was hanging there.
Of course purely by accident, and such.


if a piece of clothing is instantly kidnapped by one of my daughters, I can assure you of one thing: it is HOT.

For this reason I am even happier to present you the latest piece from the house of Liebesbotschaft Basics:

most exquisite cashmere coat made of 100% super soft baby cashmere – light as a feather yet warm.
Ideal for now and the months between seasons – you won’t want to be without it even for a single summer’s night, I promise. The cut is very relaxed and oversize, you can wrap up in the coat as if it was a blanket.

Personally, I think the coat is the most beautiful Liebesbotschaft basic of all of them so far!

If you like a relaxed elegance and a bit of understatement, you will definitely love this coat – the fabric is so soft, it’s nearly addictive to feel it next to your skin!
The colors match jeans and leather pants perfectly – laid-back casual luxury and perfect for every day.

Combine the coat with a white shirt and animal-print flats – a beautiful classic and refined, too!

The cashmere coat is available in a light gray and a dark navy blue.

Especially nice:
although a coat of this cashmere quality usually costs way more than 250,-€, the Liebesbotschaft edition is available at a special price.
And as BamundBini celebrates their first anniversary, there is an extra 20% off – this is truly a great offer.


the coat is a limited edition!

As of now, you can find the Liebesbotschaft Basics 100% cashmere coat at BamundBini.

Which is your favorite color?
And you may keep expressing your requests in the comments with regard to what you would wish for as the next Liebesbotschaft Basic – maybe I can make it happen?!


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