Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

The 10 best ideas for Valentine’s Day.

The great day of love is coming closer, and in order for you to not be completely lost and disoriented I gathered some important facts for you. 

The most important thing first: 
The day of expect a big bunch of red roses, a declaration of love and an invitation to dinner. 
Everything is supposed to happen absolutely spontaneously AND be a surprise – OTHERWISE HE DOES NOT REALLY LOVE YOU AT ALL. 

Oh, and above all: original! 
If it isn’t original you may rightly ask yourself: am I not worth more to him? 
Is this it?

Some other unique and original killer ideas for Valentine’s Day: 

1. A heart made of votives. 
2. A bathtub full of rose petals (red). 
3. Strawberries and champagne. 
4. A pillow with the picture of your beloved. 
5. A stuffed teddy bear with “I love you” printed on it (printed in red). 
6. A necklace with a heart pendant. 
7. A CD with your favorite songs. 
8. A box of chocolates. 
9. Something to do with Paris. 
10. Something home-made. 

Who wouldn’t be delighted?!
Tell me, who?

(please print out the above list, pin it to your fridge in a highly visible spot and point to the relevant number with meaningful glances.) 

Rule of thumb:
The more red it is, the more he loves you. 
Because love is measured in roses, candy and jewelry – otherwise it simply isn’t true love. 

Alright, there you have it, nothing can possibly go wrong now! 

Correspondingly I have cookies, Eiffel tower and LOOOVE cake for you – grand ol’ Hollywood romance. 
And hand-painted cups. 
There can’t be any more love than that. 


- made heart-shaped cookies from chocolate shortbread (recipe HERE),

- stuck masking tape to cups from the flea market and spray-painted the lower half,
(I actually don’t know how well the spray paint will hold up, so you better recreate this with real porcelain paint) 

- melted chocolate, added some cinnamon and poured it into silicone domino molds. The dominoes pop out perfectly!  

- baked chocolate letters from cake batter and embellished them with chocolate icing. 

Everything was instantly gobbled up by Jil’s friends (my eldest daughter is visiting for a day), which you can take as a fool-proof indicator: 
love is in the air.

Dominoes chocolate mold: Amazon
LOVE – silicone baking mold: Amazon
Porcelain paint, gold: Amazon



p.s. If you are truly in love, you will even like the crappy votive candle heart, I know ;)…

p.s. While typing this post, I’m having a conversation with my daughters about the advantages and disadvantages of a Brazilian wax. 

This is as romantic as it gets around here. 

Thank you to Eva Ginell for translating this post!

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