Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

Fairytale give-away!

What happens, if someone is a cookie manufacturer’s female CEO, at the same time full of passion and creativity – and still a young girl at heart? 

Fairytale cookies are born: 
Delicate, crunchy princess crowns, embellished with diamonds (or…hold on…maybe they were sugar crystals?), hiding green froggie princes. 

But these are no ordinary frogs – they are Lisa and Fredi! 

The two of them live in a pond close to the cookie manufacturing plant and are the heroes of the small soft-cover picture books featuring wonderful illustrations and lovingly told stories, which are available complementing the cookies: 
Stories about the smell of cookies, big froggie adventures and finding happiness in small things.
A sweet (no pun intended) idea, isn’t it? 

Lisa and Fredi cookies are packaged in pretty, sturdy tins, while a little accordion fold booklet on the lid tells their story. 
Everything is lovingly designed and of high quality and is perfectly suitable as a little gift for anytime – or as a snack on the couch while reading to somebody. 

Lisa and Fredi are usually only to be seen on the pages of books or as a snack. 

Except here and now: 
Because today, at Liebesbotschaft exclusively, you can win these georgeous soft toys, hand-sewn in Germany! 
The frogs are cuddly and soft, each is about 20” tall and embellished with loving details, such as embroidery and appliqué. 

Together with the Hans-Freitag-shop I give away the following: 5 froggie couples, each paired with 2 tins of fairytale cookies and two small softcover books. 

Each fairytale package is worth about 100,-€.

What you need to do to participate:

Leave a comment in the comment box of this post: if you like you can tell me you would like to surprise with the fairytale cookies. 

2. If you share the link to the give-away on Facebook you have DOUBLE the chances of winning. 
If you link the drawing on your blog, you have an EXTRA chance of winning!
NEW: if you share the give-away on your Instagram account, you have an EXTRA chance of winning! 
Please use hashtag #liebesbotschaft to do so and mark me on the picture – otherwise I will not be able to see it. 

Please feel free to take the above image (with text) with you for this.  
Please leave a note in your comment to let me know, too.

Everyone can participate – with or without blog.

You have to be registered to be able to leave a comment – to avoid mistakes and multiple drawings.
You can do this quickly and simply: HERE.

Please NO mails, you will be considered ONLY by leaving a comment.

The competition is open to all readers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Participation for minors only with consent of a parent or guardian. 
Jurisdiction of a court is excluded, prizes cannot be paid out in cash. 

Please note that I do not contact the winners in writing – I publish them on the blog at the bottom of this post.
If the winners of the draw do not get in touch within two weeks I will raffle off the prize again. 

The competition starts now and ends on February 28, 2015. 

Love from 

(who ate a whole lot of little crowns and frogs. Only for inspiration and test purposes and out of selfless commitment to my readers.) 

This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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