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Chocolate+berry: my January beauty favorites.

I decided that I will show you my favorite beauty products every month from now on: 
There are simply too many fantastic things that work without any chemically produced active ingredients. 
These are true treasures in the area of natural beauty, which have long turned into real lifestyle icons – all the while being beneficial for your skin and the environment.  

As much as I love the cold months, skin quickly tends to look sallow and lifeless without sunshine, cold wind makes you pale and dries out everything. 
So I’d rather side with the snow queen look than the snowman look ;). 

And you don’t have to dig deep into your cream jar: natural hues for the cheeks and more intensive ones on the lips are all you need.  
But not every color is made equal, not every product is suitable to last through the winter surviving the ice-cold air.  

1. Oil. 

In order for skin to absorb make-up well, it has to be supploied with an ideal amount of moisture. Once temperatures are dropping the regular moisturizer will usually not be adequate anymore – resulting in a feeling of tightness after cleansing and dry patches. 

Immediate relief comes in the shape of an oil/serum combination – Jil’s huge enthusiasm for oils completely won me over. 

My oil is by Madara, just a few drops are enough to pamper the skin with everything it needs, especially now.  
Rich, absolutely natural ingredients ensure good tolerance and support the anti-ageing effect. 
Apply your regular moisturizer on top and you’ll have the ideal basis for your day-time make-up. 
By the way the oil is delivered in classy chocolatey-brown packaging – and is available for all kinds of skin types. 

2. Lipstick. 

Important thing to look out for in all beauty products: make sure they have a high moisture content. 
Many lipsticks dry out after being exposed to cold air for a few minutes and start flaking.  
Generally I love dark berry hues and I wore the color Femme Fatale a lot during the month of January. 
Anyone, who would like to try wearing red on their lips, but finds the classic red a little too garish Femme Fatale is a great alternative; the berry color is a rather dark red. 
The lipsticks by Ilia are all slightly matte and have an extended staying power. 
Apart from that they nourish winter lips with cocoa butter and jojoba oil. 

3. Nail polish.

The simplest formula to fight the winter blues is colorful nails. 
Kure BAZAAR is one of the few labels that reduces the use of chemical ingredients to a minimum without the nail polish’s quality being jeopardized.  
The color is a deep, dark red which also nourishes the nails with its precious ingredients: 
Pulp, grains, cotton and corn aid them through the cold spells and have the effect of a winter spa treatment. 
Be sure to order the best nail polish remover in the world at the same time, without any chemical additives and featuring a pleasant smell! 

4. Blush for lips and cheeks. 

If you are in a hurry in the morning, a multi-tasking product like the RMS lip2cheek color is a real life-saver: small jar – great applications. 
The burgundy color can be applied to lips and cheeks quite simply with your fingers, the warmth of your skin melts the product just enough to be able to blend it perfectly.  
The finished look is surprisingly delicate and natural-looking, only after adding several layers the color looks more intensive. 
The creamy consistency does not dry out skin or settles as do some powder blushes.  

Dabbing the color onto your lips makes them look delicately blushed, as if just returning after a walk – don’t let the dark color fool you. 
Great for everyone who loves an un-made-up look, but still would like to add a little freshness. 

All these beautiful and rich berry colors perfectly freshen up pale winter skin on grey winter days: 
Raspberry and chocolate maccarons for the skin, so to speak! 

(I wear the Ilia lipstick and the Kure Bazaar polish, and the RMS Beauty blush in the pictures in this post.) 

Ilia lipstick: HERE
Beauty oil by Madara SUPERSEED: HERE
Polish by Kure BAZAAR: HERE
Lip and cheek blush RMS Beauty: HERE
Nail polish remover by Fresh Therapies: HERE

(everything via GreenGlam)



This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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