Freitag, 15. März 2013

Masking tape - storage - DIY

Spring on the desk within one hour?
Want this as well?

Then follow me discreetly…

Step 1: 
We retrieve an old display case or the Advent calendar (HERE) from the attic or the basement.
If it takes you one hour to find it, you’re already behind schedule.
Take comfort in having found it at all, finally. 

Step 2:
We search for the paint that we bought in the handcraft shop two weeks ago. 
Must be somewhere… haven’t you recently seen it… sure it is… or… somewhere… dingus…
Memo: Re-schedule, another hour.

Step 3:
On cloud nine for having found a ready for action brush – it could have turned out to quite the opposite, we remember! – we start painting. 
(Priming is for wimps.)

Step 4:
Let it dry.
Let it dry.
Prevent the child from walking just where we are painting.
Let it dry.

Touch it impatiently to detect that it is not yet dry – and to leave a blemish.
Just because of you we have to paint it again!

Step 5:
Now we put the masking tapes in and are happy about the 3 hours incredibly quick DIY project!

Little tip: Hung up it looks even better!
But then you have to extend the schedule by another hour. For searching for nails.

Masking tape: from HERE and HERE
Bookends (can be customized): HERE
Black pencils: 
Wooden LOVE-plaque: HERE (search for "Postkarte")

With love,

I would really love to tidy up my basement, instead I must append the recipe for thisstew, so sorry. 

But I would have done it!

P.S.: Who wants to save 1 hour can order the display case HERE. But they are also often sold at flea markets.

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