Montag, 2. März 2015

My rock star kind of life without kids.

I was so young when I became a mom that I never really had much time to myself. 
At the same time I can say with the utmost conviction that those many years with the kids have been absolutely the loveliest and most intensive years. 
I simply made it a lovely and intensive time. 

Now I have been by myself for nearly two weeks and I’m living the rock star life! 

Finally I can do lots of forbidden, morally questionable and meaningless things, because I am not responsible for anyone, do not have to be a role model for anyone and do not have to be back at home, because somebody is starving/still has to do their homework/has been spending hours at the Play Station. 

Intoxicated by my new-found freedom I spent my first evening alone taking drugs eating in front of the TV. 
Fast food. 

And left my stuff lying around wherever I dropped it. 

And then I just left the feta cheese, that actually goes in the fridge, out on the counter. 

And then I slept in until 11 am…umm…well. 

I woke up at 6:30 am. 
(Try and reprogram yourself after 20 years of getting up early!) 
But THEORETICALLY I could have slept until 11 am. 

The following day, though, I first of all tidied everything, cooked only healthy meals for myself and kept getting up at 6:30 in the morning. 

Truth is:
My whole day is not even that different than when my kids are here. 
The only difference is: I COULD leave the feta cheese on the counter. 

If my husband happens to be here on the week-end we always take the time, despite packing and construction site, to spend a morning out in town together. 
Usually we just walk around, eat chocolate cake and drink fresh mint tea, browse in a book store or visit a gallery – and  gather ideas for our loft or new projects along the way. 

Even if we do not see each other very much, I still like spending time with him: 
He tells me the latest news from Berlin, I tell him about the most beautiful mails from readers (I sometimes receive such nice mails from readers, they simply make me weep with joy), then we exchange new ideas and dreams, inspire each other and laugh a lot. 

Or we spend an hour just arguing whether a sink should be round or rather rectangular. 

And the best: 
We do NOT have to be home by 2:20 pm. Because somebody has to be taken to a birthday party, has to be picked up from the after-school program or is bored and has sent 10 text messages saying “When are you finally going to be back?”. 
(parents of small kids please replace the above with “did not take a nap/needs a diaper change/needs to be nursed or has to be picked up by the babysitter”.) 

In a word: I am not responsible for anyone except me! 

You are probably thinking: "great, Joanna.... ", but I have not had this situation for so many years that I really enjoy it. 

Spring is getting closer and with it the time for family get-togethers and holidays like Easter, confirmations, christenings, weddings, etc. 

In case you need an elegant, simple coat for these kind of occasions, mine is simply perfect: it matches both a LBD and jeans and T-shirt quite wonderfully. 

I am wearing a lace top underneath paired with a delicate lingerie-type top with spaghetti straps, which is also nice on its own – however, only in summer. 
I received several nice compliments while out and about, and felt really comfortable wearing the clothes when I was in town! 

The black leather bag is available in two sizes: the big one is wonderful for daytime, the little one is great for festive occasions and for night time. 

And speaking about classics: 
My Valentino heels are the main reason I am looking forward to spring! 

Nude is a color that just matches any other color in spring and summer – I know this for sure, because all nude shoes are my daily companions during the summer. 
By the way, the beautiful studded heels are also available in a slightly lower heel or as flats – and they are breathtakingly beautiful in any version! 

Lastly an insider piece of advice for all those living in Suttgart: 
There is a liquidation at Königstrasse 36 (I hope that number is right!): besides the store’s interior design pieces, such as big mirrors or shelves, you will also find wonderful prints of the Kennedy clan in this Campus store. 

You have to leave one thing to the Kennedys: they sure looked good in pictures ;). 

And for all those who do not live in Stuttgart: 
Who are the Kennedys anyway?

If you have to move house, for example, and pack up your old photographs you will come across one or another old picture – and you can blow it up and hang it on the wall, too, right ;)? 

Maybe I should do that, too, and hang it up in my living room as a memento. 

Before my DINK life (= Double Income no Kids) gets the better of me, I start wanting to always leave the feta cheese out on the counter all night long and as a consequence will simply “forget” my children over there. 

Sources of supply:

Lace top, lingerie top, coat: Villa Smilla
Purse, big: Villa Smilla (purse, small )

Valentino pumps: Stylebop and MyTheresa
La Bourgie lamp: Amazon



Thank you to Ginnell Studio for translating this post.

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