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Beach waves spray + styliste ULTÎME giveaway!

Today’s post was written by my daughter Jil, the pictures were taken by me – enjoy! 


Summer surely won’t arrive in Berlin for another while, as is typical for here the weather is grey and cool with briefly a little bit of sunshine. 
What’s nice about this: you can pamper yourself with a little beauty treatment for an afternoon! 

When my mom came to Berlin on a visit we tested a few new products, aside from drinking rose petal tea (officially the most photogenic variety of 2015).  
Especially when it comes to my hair, I consider it important that everything looks natural and not too coiffed.  
Some flowing structure, yet cool and always a bit “oh, I just woke up!”. 

This is where beach waves are absolutely perfect and at the same time an art in itself. 
What seems to just grow naturally on every model’s head is suddenly not that easy to recreate in your own bathroom. 

This time I had professional help for my trials: 
Schwarzkopf developed a new line of products that brings the trends into your home - styliste ULTÎME makes styling very simple. 

You can choose between:
 - however, I tested the ULTÎME SEA SALT BEACH LOOK products.

With the ULTÎME SEA SALT texturizing spray and powder you will come realistically close to the beach, even in March, because:  
The products do contain genuine sea salt without drying out your hair. 

And this is how you can achieve the beach waves look: 

For my waves I spray a generous amount of sea salt spray onto my damp hair and then scrunch it well. 
The next step depends on your hair structure! 

- If your hair is naturally wavy and curly, you can simply let your hair air-dry without a problem. 

- If you have a smooth hair structure I recommend you scrunch your ends and lengths well for a longer time, then twist your hair into little ponytails and firmly pin those down.  
Now you can blow-dry it all. 

- Afterwards I take some texturizing powder, rub it between my palms and apply it to the ends and lengths, this will make hair look sun- and wind-dried. 
A little bit onto your scalp for instant mega volume and great grip. 

A great tip for anyone with very damaged hair:  
Simply braid your still damp hair and let it dry overnight, this will avoid heat damage to the ends and will give them a rest during the night.  
Comb through the strands with your fingers in the morning and loosen everything up.  
Apply the powder as a finish – a completely heat-free (and consequently very damage-preventing) style. 

The nice thing about beach waves: 
Everyone can create their own version of them, play around with the look, maybe add some hairspray for better hold and you are ready for any spring party! 

In case you also feel like a fresh new look now, you can participate in the Schwarzkopf Instagram giveaway! 

Quick and easy:

1. Upload a picture to your public Instagram account, which shows your beach waves or your new favorite hairstyle in a particularly beautiful way and add a note which product you would prefer to test.  
Apart from the ULTÎME SEA SALT BEACH LOOK all other lines of products are here – the perfect inspiration.  

2. Only originally uploaded pictures are valid, no retrospectively tagged pictures. 
Add the hashtag #theultimestyle (make sure the spelling is correct!) as well as #liebesbotschaft, so that we are able to find your pictures (please feel free to also use #chillyjil, that way they will definitely arrive ;-)).

3. All uploaded and admitted pictures can be viewed in the picture gallery
This is also the place where winners will be announced and notified. 

4. The give-away starts on April 8, so kick into gear: capture the first rays of sunshine :-)!

These are the prizes:

1st prize: to take even better pictures, an Olympus Pen E-PL7 camera 
1-8th prize: a matching pair of sunglasses from Claudia Schiffer's collection for Rodenstock
1-24th prize: a product bundle from a line of products of your liking from styliste ULTÎME

And what is better suited for the warm season than to finally liberate your hair from underneath a knitted hat and to try something new? 
I am very curious to hear your opinion about my look and your ideas! 

*in collaboration with Schwarzkopf

Kisses from Berlin,


This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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