Freitag, 27. März 2015

Germanwings crash, flight 4U 9525 and the question “why?”

Yesterday Germanwings Airbus 4U 9525 crashed in the French Alps – all 150 passengers and crew members lost their lives.

It feels a bit like being paralyzed in a state of shock, not being able to breathe. 

Disregarding the daily disasters, deaths and catastrophes that happen in the world, one that affects your own country so directly hurts that much more. 
Especially the death of young people never has any positive aspects, as with their death the future also dies – you feel for the relatives all the more, if you have children the age of these students who tragically lost their lives. 
Children who were on board of a similar plane recently. 

Readers have repeatedly asked me how to handle such horrific news. 
I certainly cannot offer a one-size-fits-all solution – I can only relate what it does to ME. 

Even if it sounds very dramatic and emotional: 

Every time I hear of something like this it makes me even more determined.  
I renew my decision to love even more. 
I decide to live more intensely. 
To be in the moment even more. 
To become even stronger, even more effective, more joyful and at the same time carefree.
To trust even more. 
To enjoy even more. 
To spread more joy and lightness. 
To be more grateful and value life. 
Now all the more.

My life shall be one big celebration of love, beauty and greatness – and I want to take every person who connects with me in love into that dimension. 
The dimension that blasts through borders, overcomes everything that’s traumatic, that brings peace, consolation and happiness into every single heart. 

I am absolutely convinced that this attitude acts like a blow in the face of evil. 
I think I am the devil’s personal nightmare. 
I think that – everywhere I go – I leave a wide trail of love and joy. 

I am aware that reading this seems arrogant or even overbearing to some. 
For me, on the other hand, it is true humility, as I would never dare to disrespect this life I was given.  
I am in this world to love others, to inspire and to liberate – whereas the latter two are direct consequences of the first one. 
It is also the easiest for me, because this is how I was made, so all I need to do is being Joanna. 

Some will tell you: “Don’t take yourself too seriously – what exactly can you change? What difference do you make?” 

But I tell you: you are EXTREMELY important. 
Everything else is inferiority and we truly have enough of that, I don’t want to hear about it again. 
Everything else is simply a LIE. 

Only YOU can love people, who I will never meet, back to health.
Only YOU can inspire people in areas I don’t know anything about.
Only YOU leave a trail of love in places I have never set foot in. 

And maybe it will be YOU who will make sure they build absolutely safe planes in the future. 

So let it out!
Give yourself to people!
Without doubts and questions!
Dare to be YOU!
Dare to love!
Now all the more!

Nothing can stop you from doing so! 
Take your determination and off you go! 

Assuming just for today you were allowed to be exactly THE WAY you always wanted to be:  
What would that be?
Without all that pleasing others, without “what do they think of me?", without “is this still within the scope?”, without “are my kids and my partner and all my relatives OK with this?”, without “am I allowed to say it like that?”, without thinking for others or asking yourself what others could think. 

Believe me, this would be the biggest gift for anyone around you – to some it would immediately feel like a kick in the teeth (congrats!), some could not be with you for more than 2 minutes (double congrats!), and very many would give anything to be with you all the time. 
It’s logical, too – you wouldn’t want to be with love? 
(Story of my life.)

See – and I liberate you step by step until you live exactly like THAT.
Day by day, more every day, stronger every day. 
Simply by loving you back to health. 
And back to happiness.
And back to freedom.
And I mean loving as fiercely as I am able to – and that’s pretty fierce ;). 

Every time my children ask me why anything bad happens in the world I always say to them: 
"Because the devil is a criminal a**hole.  
And we are in the world to put a stop to his game.” 

Love simply remains the strongest force. 
And it is able to ease any suffering. 

And this is exactly the reason why you are here. 
And this is exactly my response to you. 


p.s. I decided to disallow comments this time – I think this post is enough in itself. 

Thanks for understanding.

Thank you for translating this post to Eva Ginnell.