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Why I hate poverty (and what you can do about it).

I stumbled upon a text written by a single mom recently – she writes about how hard the everyday life with many children and a very limited financial income is. 
She openly wrote about the simplest things that you would never even think of – which, in the face of being pinched for money, can send you into sheer despair. 
Things like a school field trip. 
Or a broken washing machine.  
Or an additional payment towards your energy bill. 

Point is, I know exactly what she is talking about – and am very sympathetic. 
I have known real financial deprivation, for years on end. 
I know exactly what it feels like to never be able to buy your children anything new, never go on vacation, and to be at a loss as to how to pay the grocery bill for the next day. 
And I am not proud of it – even if this time of my life is long behind me.

And that’s exactly the reason why I hate poverty. 
I hate this obnoxious energy that turns people into small, pathetic, narrow-minded shadows of themselves – always just concerned with surviving and making ends meet. 

So if you, as a love messenger, should find yourself in a similarly awful financial situation right now, I have great news for you today indeed. 

Are you ready?

1. You never identify with poverty. 

I have often been broke (and often for lengthy periods of time), but I have never been POOR. 

Being penniless is a temporary condition due to circumstances – sickness, lack of employment, single parenthood, bankruptcy, unforeseen circumstances, whatever. 
But if you connect with this condition inwardly and view yourself as “poor”, you and this energy will merge into one. 
Poverty is above all a lack of possibilities – poverty is a  "state of mind", no circumstance! 

No matter what your situation looks like right now – remove yourself from this condition. 

"But Joanna, I DO have deficits!” 

Yes. Just about. In the visible realm.
But I want you to stop seeing yourself as such internally. 
I want you to close your eyes and realize that you are someone that does NOT have deficits. 
For poverty always means deficits – and a deficit is something that does NOT EXIST in your world. 
(Remember: anything that does not exist in God, does not exist in you. Since when does God suffer deficits?)

I am very honest here: 
If you play with the thought (well accepted in society) or even show off with it, that being a little broke is just “part of it” and “really quite normal”, then poverty and lacking will be quite normal in your life, too. 

How often do I hear sentences like: 
"Me, being a poor student ..."
"Main thing is we make ends meet.” 
"I can’t afford this…” 
"I hope gas prices will rise again..."

It’s kind of an everyday chitchat: 
The poor acknowledge each other’s poverty (“others aren’t better off either”), and the rich better be quiet, or they will be envied and treated with hostility.  

All this is OVER for you from today on. 
No set phrases, no showing off, no fishing for sympathy – everything that has anything to do with poverty or lacking is CUT FROM your vocabulary.
Poverty is NO OPTION in your life from now on. 

Don’t play with these things! 
Poverty is nothing good, nothing praiseworthy, nothing to strive for and poverty – sorry, Berlin – is NOT sexy either. 
So don’t talk BS half of your day confirming this energy in your life and allowing it to grow strong. 
Sure, your bank account might be empty right now – but your lips won’t speak of deficits, poverty and “we can’t afford this”. 

"But Joanna... what am I supposed to say instead?” 

I will tell you in a minute – until then: just say NOTHING. 

2. You refuse to wallow in self-pity or inferiority. 

Oh, oh, oh, huge subject!
Poverty and self-pity are best friends – together they go to every party they are invited to. 
And don’t ask me how often they are invited… 

Self-pity intensifies the energy of poverty extremely, since it nicely keeps you in your role as the victim. 
You poor thing, you can’t afford anything. 
Oh, please!

I love all of my love messengers from the bottom of my heart and that’s why I tell you today: 
No matter how miserable and deplorable your situation might seem in this moment -  
Stop right now feeling sorry for yourself. 

Often a lack of finances is not even one’s own fault, there are unfortunate circumstances, assholes, or simply bad luck.  
It doesn’t matter why and for which reason and how bad your luck was: you are way too great to hang out down there in the pits of self-pity and inferiority. 

Self-pity is a very passive attitude that makes you weak and small. 
And you are by no means weak and small – and nobody can tell you differently. 
Not even your bank account, imagine! 

"But Joanna... my kids wear only used clothes…” 

It is only bad, because YOU consider it to be bad – and pass this attitude on to your children. 
Instead you can enjoy being creative, sewing things yourself etc. or just be grateful that you can find the world’s prettiest things for very little money in this country. 
My daughters to this day love wearing vintage and going to the thrift stores with me, although “theoretically” they wouldn’t “have to” anymore – never have I made them consider this as inferior or worthy of self-pity. 

Do you understand: it is not the situation in itself, it is the way you look at it. 
So don’t feel ashamed for your lack of money, don’t wallow in self-pity and don’t feel deplorable or inferior. 

Should you detect a trace of this feeling or thought within you (and it is pretty darn certain that you WILL detect it!), apply the tried-and-tested Liebesbotschaft method: 
Up yours!

Don’t spend a long time analyzing, don’t deal with it for a long time, just consistently refuse. 
(You have given that crap enough TLC. Enough now.) 

3. You only ever expect the best. 

As already mentioned, usually certain circumstances precede financial deficits. 
Usually not the favorable kind, of course. 
And this is why some people are either disappointed by life, have resigned or developed a kind of passive attitude: 

"Things will never change. What options do I have?” 
"It will continue like this until I retire.” 
"Old-age poverty. That’s what lies ahead of me.” 

You as a love messenger ALWAYS have ALL options. 
You do not consider your present bank balance and the circumstances that have lead up to it, just as you do not consider today's weather in Alaska. 
(Except, of course, you read this sitting in Alaska, in which case just exchange it for the weather in Germany. It’s quite similar at the moment anyway ;)).

From now on you count on supernatural ideas and possibilities, you look forward to unimaginable projects, you expect doors to open where formerly there were none, you naturally assume that your path always leads you up. 

"But Joanna, how am I supposed to believe it? I have never experienced this!” 

Well, believing doesn’t mean 
“I have already experienced it and that’s why I believe it.”, believing means: 
being convinced of the existence of things that you cannot see. 
As a love messenger you are ABLE and IN THE POSITION to trust in God. 
Look at me, it isn’t all that difficult. 

Success due to a lack of alternative options. 
That’s you from now on. 
It doesn’t matter what you see or experience right now – you only believe: 
Success due to a lack of alternative options.

Which leads us directly to the last point… 

4. You make decisions against poverty and in favor of abundance – and you will talk accordingly. 

I decided for myself: 
Poverty is not acceptable for me. 
It is an area that’s none of my business. 

Instead there is abundance in every area of my life. 
Because abundance means: I ALWAYS have more than I need so that I can support many others. 
(so you don’t have to argue that: “Main thing, I have enough for me and the kids, then I’m content.” – what a small-minded way of thinking! You cannot seriously be so selfish that financially you can’t see beyond your own nose!) 

And if you wish to make this decision together with me today, then from now on this is your being, your thinking, your speaking and your acting: 

"Sure, sometimes money is scarce – things like poverty and lacking ARE. UNKNOWN. TO. ME. 
Basically any ways and means are at my disposal – far beyond what my bank account states right now.
I have all the world’s possibilities, against all odds (even my own!), all doors are wide open for me and if I am destined to have/achieve/receive something, it will happen exactly so – completely independent of the financial situation. 
Anything that does no fall into place has not occurred at the right time. 
I always have enough commissions, always find the best job, and I earn good money with the work I do, I naturally expect unimaginable ideas, possibilities and resources. 
I do not just have enough, but I have more than I need. 
I have so much that I can support many people and still do not lack anything myself.”

"But Joanna, that sounds a bit like a self-help book!” 
Yes, possibly.
But honestly: your thoughts have been cluttered for years in this area, all supported by your experiences and those of your fellow human beings who also don’t have enough – you will need good ammunition against it! 
Just reading a ‘lil bit and “feeling better” won’t do it in the long run! 

What is important for you: it will need some time until your financial situation changes visibly. 
But you STICK with what you said, no matter how long it takes. 

Do you understand:
I do not begrudge anyone or look down upon anyone who enjoys remaining in her role as poor person. 
But it is not my way. 

To all others who, like me, have had enough of it: 
I really feel like experiencing things in the area of finances that are supernaturally possible – even more than I am experiencing already. 

How about going beyond those tight limits to enter this land of abundance and infinite possibilities together? 
Yes, also in terms of finance! 
Let us boldly and brazenly leave the realm of self-pity and (partly endearing) lacking! 
Let us blast through the pitiful “making ends meet” and “at least I can pay the bills”! 
Let us live and experience generosity – and by this inspire many people (including our own children) and open their eyes to what is possible, although it had seemed impossible until now! 

Who’s down with that?



This post was translated by Eva Ginnell.

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