Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

A white Sunday in January.

Today I am just passing by with a quick Sunday greeting – paired with 3 hands-on pieces of advice for life to make sure you don’t get bored just looking at pictures. 
A free service for my readers. 

1. Quick and uncomplicated decoration for January. 
Fresh snow has started falling again a while ago – reason enough for Kati to take beautiful pictures again. 
Reason enough for me not to put up tulips everywhere at home. 
I don’t like my decoration in full-on spring mode when there’s snow, and enjoy an absolutely reduced design right now: a lot of white and natural hues, simple twigs and sculpturesque flowers in their vases. 
I placed all candles into groups – the prettiest effect is achieved when they are set on a simple serving tray. 
And if you like this calm, reduced and relaxed style you will find much inspiration in the Kinfolk and Cereal magazines! 

2. Best-looking remedy for a bad hair day. 
Wear a hat. Smile very naturally, as if everybody wore hats all the time. 
A particularly nice and “matches everything” one is on sale at  Topshop right now.
Of much higher quality than its price tag suggests! 

3. Proper behavior on a construction fair. 
In order to avoid standing there like a pretty-looking birdbrain just pose a technically relevant question, such as: 
"Do you carry this item also in a 1 and ¼ “ version with a silicone coating?” 
Wait for an answer. Listen with great interest for the first 30 seconds, nod occasionally. Let your mind wander for the following 20 minutes (since a monologue will follow inevitably) and stand there like a pretty-looking birdbrain. 
Doesn’t really help you now, does it? I know. 

One thing you can memorize in general, though:  
The more gold/glitter/rhinestones – the more Saudi Arabia.

Hat: Topshop (my model HERE)
Kinfolk, Cereal: Babyssimo 
White serving tray with rim: Babyssimo
Landscape images: Liandoo

The Liebesbotschaft editorial team (consisting of 1 person) wishes you a wonderful start into the week! 


p.s. Because the question just came up:

I am wearing this nail polish and this lipstick.

Thank you, Eva Ginnell, for translating this post!

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