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The perfect closet – part 2: how to convert your discarded clothes into cash.

First of all I would like to express my sincere thanks to all: 
I received an unexpected amount of feedback on the topic of  resolutions for 2015 – very real stories by my readers, who not only summoned up renewed courage after reading my blog, freed themselves from depression and lethargy, but also experienced very concrete, positive changes in their lives, found new jobs, partners, houses, etc. 
I could write a book based on these stories alone ;) – many thanks for this, I am very happy to see you taking steps forward, just by trusting my words.
Thank you for your love and your trust! 

And now I give the the floor to the wonderful girls Sonja and Sabine from Aufgeräumt-Team – here is the 2nd part of their closet service for you today. 
Enjoy reading and putting it into practice! 


HERE is part 1. 

Yippie! The stuff is sorted, there is room in your closet again. How liberating! However, you find yourself in the midst of a big pile of clothes and you ask yourself: what am I going to do with it? This is where we tell you how and where you can convert your clothes into hard cash. (The information related in this article applies specifically to Germany!)  

STEP #1: sorting & creating piles 
Before you can make a decision whether you can still use certain clothes, take a hard look at each item one more time and sort the clothes into piles (we practiced this already ☺). 

Pile #1: Cleaning rags & Co.
First of all pull out anything that cannot be worn anymore, in other words really beat up things. This is the so-called “cleaning rag quality”, used for classic recycling, such as polishing rags, cleaning rags or insulation material.  

Pile #2: Africa goods
If things are still wearable, but slightly defective they are called “Africa goods”, as many used-clothes collection agencies pass them on to wholesale dealers in Africa. They will also often reappear on the second-hand marketplace.  

Pile #3: Designer goods 
This pile contains designer fashion, i.e. up-market and expensive brand-name and designer fashion (this pile is always veeery small in our house – unfortunately!). Clothes are like new, seldom and gently worn, and from a current collection. Current meaning: this or last season’s items.  

Pile #4: Cream of the crop goods  
Hardly worn and currently trendy brand-name fashion is called “Cream of the crop goods”, brands like Hugo Boss, Versace, Marc Cain, possibly Adidas, Nike in the sportswear area, are part of this. Labels like Esprit or S.Oliver do not belong on this pile. The clothes have to be well preserved, gently worn, without damage or wear and they have to be current (3 years old max). 

Pile #5: The leftovers
This is the pile for all textile goods that are not part of the categories “designer goods” or “cream of the crop goods”. Selling them individually is usually not very profitable. Donating them or selling them is still a good idea in order to  recycle textiles. We all want to use our resources in a meaningful way, don’t we? You can expect a price of about 1 Euro per kilo. 

STEP #2: the path to hard cash  
There is an unbelievable amount of possibilities online to convert your stuff into cash: sell the individual items, sell them as a whole package, receive a flat-rate amount of money, on consignment, handle the transaction yourself, have somebody do everything for you…it depends on your preference and how “lazy” or “busy” you want to be.   

Pile #1: Cleaning rags & Co.
You either use them yourself for cleaning purposes (socks are great for polishing shoes!) or you donate them to the used-clothes collections, where they will be sorted accordingly. 

Pile #2: Africa goods
(Also) a donation for the used-clothes collections. If you want to ensure that no dubious dealings are being carried out with the sorted goods, you can donate them directly at used-clothes drop-off locations or other non-profit places. 

Pile #3: Designer goods 
What to do with the designer items?
You send them your parcel, they call you with an offer and transfer the money. Their website has specific instructions as to which brands and quality you have to look out for and how much money you can expect.
Same procedure: you send them your parcel, receive an offer and a money transfer. Every article is evaluated individually, so that the best possible price can be paid. You can also sell your items directly on location at brick-and-mortar stores in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. 

Pile #4: Cream of the crop goods  

Here you upload your clothes yourself and also handle the purchasing transaction with the buyer yourself. You can also upload children’s clothes and fashion for expectant mothers at the affiliated 

Uploading the clothes is free of charge, in case of a successful sale you will be charged 10%. If you want to take advantage of the concierge service, just send a parcel with all clothes - Mädchenflohmarkt will take care of the rest (you pay 40% of the sales price for this service). We love it! 

Here sales happen via ads that you create yourself. Modekiez is completely free of charge – from registering, putting up ads, to closing of a business transaction. 

Here you also upload your clothes, mail them to the buyer and receive money from him. 
Do I want to optimally capitalize on my children’s clothes, but not deal with the process? Vintage-kids takes care of the entire processing in return for a 40% commission ( – children’s clothes). 
Acquisition with instant cash payout. 
Similar to kirondo, but offers the option to sell also women’s clothes at 
Here you can get rid of your shoes! Take an up-to-date picture of the shoes. Add a description of their condition and size and Xanaroo instantly tells you their acquisition price. 

Pile #5: The leftovers
Ideal for big amounts of no-name textiles and shoes. Here you can offer up nearly anything: textiles (adults, children, household), shoes, purses, even bridal gowns. Enter everything online and receive an instant acquisition offer.

What else is out there: - Social Fashion Shop
We think this is a nice deal! You send your clothes to Zamaro. They upload them and in return you can pick new things you like from their shop. 

You see, there is an amazing number of possibilities! In any case it is worth the trouble, as you have no idea how great it feels to be able to put a luxurious pair of shoes into your organized closet, which are an incredible match for your re-discovered leather skirt – and which you acquired for next to nothing. 
For isn’t it a fantastic deal to buy new, high-quality clothing items that you will enjoy for a long time with money that has been hiding in your closet all along! 

Have fun making money & spending it! 
Sabine &Sonja

The team behind „Aufgeräumt

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