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Why you are NEVER too old or too young to live a happy life.

"You should travel while you are still young.”

"If I was 20 years younger – THEN I would start over once more.”
"Oh, just wait until you’re my age – you’ll realize that a lot of things in life are not that easy.”
"I will be 35 soon after all – it’s about time I have a partner/a family/a house.”

I am sure you have heard some of these stereotypical phrases often enough, or have even believed them yourselves. These unofficial standards are deeply engrained – and all they do for you is to limit your horizon, to narrow your outlook, and to pigeonhole you (and it is a small pigeonhole indeed).

"Oh, you’re 20?

Well then, you don’t know much about life yet.”

"Oh, you’re already 60?

Surely a little frumpy already.”

Oh, really?

I will prove to you today that all this is one big lie.


Our society is extremely youth-oriented:

Young is beautiful.
Young is hip.
Young is admirable and desirable.
Young means unlimited opportunities.

This perception is extremely superficial and above all short-sighted – and above all: IT IS NOT TRUE!

Radiating love and joy turns everybody into a beautiful person – independent of the age bracket.

The older you are the more your inside shows on the outside – which means that you will automatically increase your beauty, if your inside is beautiful.

Every year of your life is precious:

the years between 20 and 30 are no less important than those between 50 and 60 and 70!
And even, if you are 70: you can easily live for another 20 years.

Who says you can’t start from scratch again?!

Who has permission to tell you that you, an elderly person, are not allowed to start something great, to turn your life inside out, to realize a business idea, to write a bestseller, to find a new partner, to establish a children’s home, to open an art gallery, and to live your dream?

"But, Joanna, I have no moooooney…”

See: if money is the stumbling block, it CANNOT be age!

I will let you in on two secrets:

1. Money is NEVER the problem.
Money always follows a project, never the other way round.
You will never have money (except, if you inherit it, congratulations!) – if you don’t GET GOING.
And if you don’t take first steps in the direction of what you really want.

Sowing and reaping.

Sowing and reaping.

First you sow (your time, effort, ideas, resources), then you reap (money, success, security).

Not the other way round.

And the 2nd secret:

2. The world needs older people.

Contrary to what you might have experienced yourself:

you are needed, urgently!

Where are the bloggers, who show how older women can dress with style?

Or organize their household perfectly – simply because they have so much experience doing so, and others do not need to reinvent the wheel every time?
Or talk about their she-boss business days in order to help others along?

What keeps older people from founding a company?

Did you know that Sam Walton founded Walmart at age 44 – one of the most successful department store chains in the world that made his family the richest family in the world?  

Did you know that for many years Harald Sanders worked as a fireman with the railroad, as an insurance agent, with a ferry operator and numerous other jobs, before, at age 40, he started to prepare such delicious chicken meals in his apartment that he opened a restaurant, because they were so sought-after.  

Today there are about 20.000 of his restaurants all around the globe – called Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Or how about the story of the single mom living off of social security, who wrote a book when she was 31 years old, which was rejected over and over again by publishers?
Joanne K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series and is, with an estimated asset of 1 billion dollars, England’s richest woman.   

However, we are not necessarily talking world supremacy here:
How nice would it be, if an elderly woman in the neighborhood came by every now and again, took part in a young family’s every day life and baked her secret-recipe-sheet cake at times?

Or painted a picture on canvas together with the kids – or whatever else she loves doing?
How many young moms would be happy about such support?
How much could she inspire the woman, encourage her and carry a bit of her load – and at the same time build an additional income for herself?

The day before yesterday I got to know a lady who happened to stand in line ahead of me at the ice-cream parlor. We started talking, sat on a park bench together, had an animated conversation, laughed a lot and very reluctantly disengaged from one another three hours later (see HERE).
The lady is 92 years old, always on the go, full of lust for life and energy – and I could write a whole post about her “advice for life”, it was so good! 

What I meant to say by this:

NOTHING can stop you from starting something new or to hit the ground running with a great idea, if you wish to do so.
Nobody can stop you from traveling the world, from starting something new, from resigning from a job that does not make you happy or from experiencing what you’ve always been dreaming of – you have every opportunity and possibility, even beyond 40, 50 and 60!
You are able to overcome negative events of the past, to leave them behind and to reach your potential – and you still have soooo many years to do so!

No matter how often you failed or fell on your face and NO MATTER YOUR AGE:

you can ask yourself in this very moment: ”what do I want to become when I grow up?”
You can start something completely new today.

You can take the first step today – the step towards a beautiful, fulfilled future.

You are NOT TOO OLD!
You have every opportunity!

"But what if it doesn’t work out?”

If you do not even try it, it won’t work out for sure!
If, however, you try it I can guarantee you: you will embark on a new adventure for sure!

Rather start something 10 times, fail and learn from the experience than die ignorant.


I know that a lot of girls and young women read my blog.

I can only say one thing to them:

Nothing better for you than to invest in yourself, to soak up the energy of love like a sponge and not even to bother dealing with the crap that others have slouched about in for decades.

I can show you how to live bigger, how to think differently, how to love and therefore overcome everything bad, how to be successful without having to fight for it.

I show you a new and different path: the path into love – the path surpassing everything else!

Even if certain age groups are assigned certain characteristics, truth is:

You don’t automatically become more mature and stronger with age.
With age comes but one thing: you grow older.
And if you don’t live in love you grow bitter.

You will only grow more mature with love and – unfortunate, but true: by going through difficulties and challenges and by overcoming them. Love focuses your vision, makes you stronger every day, keeps your motivation pure and keeps your heart fresh and light.

So if an elderly person gives you a piece of advice, ask yourself: does this advice inspire me?

Does it widen my horizon?
Does it offer practical help, does it give me wings, does it open up new vistas?
If the answer to all these questions is “no”, I would think long and hard whether to keep listening to him.
Not EVERY older person is full of wisdom – some simply spent decades within their comfort zones, never had an adventure, because they did not dare to and nothing of what they offer you can further you in your life.  
You, on the other hand, are young and the world is your oyster!
It is NEVER too early to dream big and to act big!

When 8-year-old Willa Doss couldn’t find other than tacky organic beauty products for her age, she created her own simply designed, organic beauty line: today she is 13 years old, wears braces and is a millionaire.

15-year-old publisher Jasmin Jordan regularly issues a magazine for young entrepreneurs, with a circulation of 16.000 copies.

Never assume that the best things are already “taken” and that it was easier to be happy and successful in days gone by – it’s not true!

New paths and possibilities will open up for you!
Always and plenty of them.

Young people who know love are the greatest source of inspiration there is!

They are creative and unburdened (and don’t think: “all the things that might go wrong!”), full of energy and strength – and together with the experienced older ones a winning team!

So don’t get discouraged, if others do not take you seriously due to your young age, or deride you (even if it is your own family!) – listen to your heart, stay in love, and always move forward!

Don’t let them limit you or slow you down – dream as big and as wild as you possibly can, and fill yourself with as much love as possible!

In conclusion, let me tell you a secret:
life is no battle, no daily grind and no rat race -
life is a wonderful playground and you can choose to play whatever you wish!



This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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