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Free coffee for 1 year with Jacobs magic give-away!

There are some things that I would like to have found out about earlier in my life – it would have spared me a good few problems in my everyday life.

2 of those things that I wish I had known since birth:
- love (for good reasons.),
- espresso .

The thing with love was not part of my sphere of control.  
Well, what can you do, better late than never.

But coffee.
One really could have told me earlier that…

1. ... there is quite a simple, tasty and elegant solution to my mid-day slump.
For decades I have been so instantly sleepy after lunch, that I could barely keep my eyes open.
When at home I could always take a nap, but even after a break I felt sluggish and needed hours to regain my energy.

If, however, I was out and about I had a real problem – I could have literally fallen asleep right there in the middle of the road.
The whole thing was connected to very low blood pressure, not at all to lack of sleep – and it really was a strain for me.

After just one single cup of espresso I am now super alert and perky until late at night, which adds nearly one whole extra hour to my every day.
And for that I will forever be grateful to the Italians.

2. ... espresso does not taste bitter at all – but, depending on the type, it tastes nutty, caramelized, fruity, reminiscent of baked goods or grains.

Bitterness either develops due to the wrong way of brewing -  a problem that does not exist with a single-serving brewer, as everything is automated.
Or, on the other hand:
Taste buds are so conditioned to like sweet and mild that they need a little bit of time to readjust.
After only a short time, however, the tongue starts to be able to distinguish between the different coffees’ aromas and to enjoy them thoroughly – I don’t find the tartness unpleasant anymore, but see it as a welcome diversion.

If you do like an even milder taste, you can try an espresso macchiato – i.e. an espresso with a bit of milk foam on top ;).

3. ... that I can ask for an espresso to be served after lunch – what a beautiful way of feeling pampered!
My children insert the capsule, press the button, the machine’s buzzing makes me anticipate what’s coming and a short while later a wonderfully fragrant espresso arrives at the table.
At this point I am usually already immersed in work and therefore happy about the added energy boost!

While baristas might look down their noses a little, for me personally this service outweighs any other argument ;).  

You will have noticed by now: I am honestly a true fan of those capsules, as brewing is child’s play and uncomplicated, and the result is always perfect.

There is no shortage of different flavors and varieties – so I was ever so happy to find out about the news from Jacobs Zauber!
They contain the high quality that is Jacob’s standard and, furthermore, they are available in every grocery store.

I tried:
- Jacobs Lungo Magnifico:
slightly nutty taste and rather robust – perfect for a large latte in the morning,

- Jacobs Lungo Fondo:
I like preparing this one for guests in the afternoon – it contains very faint notes of cocoa and citrus and tastes best as is,

- Jacobs Espresso Ristretto:
my favorite after a meal: robust with a delicate citrus aroma.

I am, however, not the only one allowed to try Jacobs’ novelties.
Attention all coffee lovers among my readers!

Today I give away, together with Jacobs….

1st prize
*One of my readers will receive 370 capsules of the new espresso and lungo varieties (37 packs of 3 varieties), thus being able to enjoy a daily cup and discover the magic of Jacobs for himself.
Even if you are not a coffee lover, you are still welcome to participate - and if you win, you can surprise a friend or relative.

2nd prize
5 indulgence bundles, consisting of 2 high-quality Bodum glass cups and the three new magic varieties by Jacobs.

3rd prize
On top of all that Jacobs is giving away 3 trips to New Zealand to see the Lantern Festival!

Do you have a single-serving machine – or a friend?
Participating is very uncomplicated and the prizes are absolutely amazing.

If you want to win a trip to New Zealand, click HERE.

What you have to do to participate:

1. Tell me why you would like to experience the magic of  Jacobs .

If you would also like to travel to New Zealand, click HERE to participate.

2. If you share the link to the give-away on Facebook you have DOUBLE the chances of winning.
If you link the give-away on your blog, you have an EXTRA chance of winning!
If you share the give-away on your Instagram account you have an ANOTHER chance of winning!

Please feel free to take the last image (and text) with you for this. 
Please leave a note in your comment to let me know, too.

Everyone can participate – with or without blog.

You have to be registered to be able to leave a comment – to avoid mistakes and multiple drawings.
You can do it quite quickly and simply: HERE.

Please NO mails, you will be considered ONLY by leaving a comment.

The competition is open to all readers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Participation for minors only with consent of a parent or guardian.
Jurisdiction of a court is excluded, prizes cannot be paid out in cash.

IMPORTANT: Please note that I do not contact the winners in writing – I publish them on the blog. If the winners of the draw do not get in touch within two weeks I will raffle off the prize again.

The competition starts now and ends on October 15, 2014

Sources of supply:
Espresso cups with design letters: geliebtes Zuhause
Cardigan, chunky knit: DeinLieblingsladen


This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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