Montag, 29. September 2014

Time for families.

Even if a family’s daily operations take up a lot of time – there is no way around procurement of groceries, mountains of laundry and dentist appointments.
And the bigger the family, the more work needs to be done. In order for this to not slip into being a routine, organizational checking off of chores, I consciously take a “time-out” with my children ever so often.
Most of the times we do nothing spectacular/extraordinary – simply shared time with everybody present and the opportunity to enjoy each other.

I have never been a “play mom” (I am bored to death when it comes to conversations between Playmobil characters) – but I thoroughly enjoy shared activities and adventures.

There are, for example....

1. Picnics.

Whether at night, by the lake, in the park or just in the middle of the day after school, instead of lunch. When the children were younger, I once bought pretzels and sausages, grabbed warm blankets, pillows and numerous large lanterns and went with them to the castle gardens, where I read children’s books to them by candle light.

Sometimes I simply fill the food that I have already prepared into glass jars and containers and tell everyone that we will drive somewhere now and have a picnic.

I cannot remember one single occasion when nobody was enthusiastic about this – the children love participating to this day.

2. Spontaneous parties.

It is not an uncommon occurrence that we decide at lunchtime to have a campfire at night.

Or in the morning that we will throw a summer party the next day.

Just like that, without a special occasion or a birthday, without perfect catering or equipment – all we need is spontaneity and creativity.

I admit, sometimes this means an awful lot of extra work – and working moms will hardly have the time to do it.

I, however, was at home and enjoyed it very much myself to arrange something like that.

We have gathered a bunch of lovely memories over the years:

we created tents in the backyard out of large fabric pieces, went on a scavenger hunt in the woods (half of the paper clues are still there – we unfortunately never found them again), made little rafts and let them float in ponds, and assembled big camps out of mattresses for sleep-over parties.

I neither had a blog then, nor would I have had the time to keep photographic records of everything – but some of the later events still made it onto the blog, such as the summer party, the apple party, the pizza party
 or the party when Noelle turned 5000 days old  ;).

All very important occasions indeed.

3. Museums and the zoo.

Classics, no doubt.

My advice: go visit in a countercyclical fashion – meaning during the week, if possible, in the last two hours before closing time – see but a few things, but see them intensively. 

This provides you with a nearly private atmosphere, you can, for example, watch butterflies for an hour and experience the unfolding of the most beautiful moments.

All the above activities are relatively easy to execute – but what happens, if you have a nice idea or even a dream of a family project that requires somewhat more time or special know-how?

In this case I have a wonderful tip for you today:

In September “Hohes C” started the initiative "
Zeit für Familien (time for families)" – the brand brings to life larger and smaller family projects, supported by a team of experts.

For a 2013 study, commissioned by the company itself, has shown that parents above all wish for more time together with their kids – and with its campaign “Hohes C” wants to give exactly this time to families!

It is supposed to happen in shape of projects that are carried out together, that carry lasting values in their wake – and thus inspire other families.

You have always wanted to build a big family dinner table?

Renovate an old trailer for the next family vacation?
Or erect a tree house in your backyard?
Or do you have an entirely different idea?

Why don’t you participate and apply at “Hohes C” with your project – with a bit of luck and help from "Zeit für Familien" you will be able to create a lasting memory.
HERE is the way to the campaign.

Can you already think of a project?
Which undertakings do you venture on in order to bring a little diversion to your daily grind?

Let me know in the comments!



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