Samstag, 27. September 2014

Liebesbotschaft Basics IV: luxury sweater

I am infinitely delighted to introduce you to the latest cashmere dream piece designed by Liebesbotschaft Basics:
This time, it’s a  luxury sweater!


I opted for a garment that can be easily styled in both an elegant and a casual way – it is comfortable AND chic at the same time.

You can upgrade it by combining it with leather pants or a slim-fitting pencil skirt.
If your daily dress style is more formal, you will be dying to slip into this sweater after work – woven in Italy according to specifications with 100% fine-spun, multi-threaded, very high-grade cashmere, it hugs your skin as pleasantly as an embrace – it is light as a feather and keeps you warm like nothing else will.

The sweater’s cut is a little longer – I half-tucked it into my pants on the pictures, but you can see the full length in the back.

What’s special about it: the box pleat in the back makes the whole look very feminine and elegant, the sweater drapes really beautifully, nice and loose around the hips – like a slight A-line!
It hugs the figure where it should (on top around the shoulders), and drapes casually where it may (around the waist, hips).

There is a discreet hand-stitched sequin appliqué in the lower right-hand corner, particularly pretty for women who like a reduced look when it comes to jewelry and accessories.
I very much like to wear just a watch with my outfits, and this sweater complements the look perfectly.

If you already own one of my cashmere pieces, you will notice a difference this time:
The sweater was woven in a denser, even warmer cashmere quality.

Those who are as cold as I am, will be really happy about this during the fall and winter months!

Ideal for sunny, cold afternoons outside – perfect for cuddling up in the evenings at home – and a must-have for winter.

For all of you who are maybe looking for something other than grey for a change:
The sweater is also available in a powdery, soft rosé (not a baby pink!) – a color that can be found in many of the big designers’ spring collections.
Black and dark blue will accentuate this the best.

You will find the Liebesbotschaft Basics cashmere sweater at Bam und Bini.
And in soft rosé HERE.

It is a limited collection, as usual.

(my pants are made-to-measure, after a pair by Gucci. More affordable leather pants are available by Breuninger, e.g.).

I am very curious how it will appeal to you!
And as usual I am happy to listen to your wishes for future garments.

Now let me finish with a kiss!


This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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