Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

September bliss

If I could wish for two things, one of them would definitely be:

8 weeks of September.
(and the other one to have a talent for singing – but that’s a different story….oh, no, world peace, of course. World Peace!)

How else could you capture this fresh, warm outdoor air, scented with rain and grass, this pink-hued sky in the early mornings, these golden rays of sun that touch everything softly and make it shimmer in the evenings (grand arthouse movie program on the blog today. Please acknowledge this appropriately in your comments below. Thank you.)

It is still warm enough to go cruising in your car in the evenings, windows rolled down, hair flowing in the wind and music turned up high, and my children ask me to take a detour so that we may enjoy this moment a little bit longer. 
For dinner we have cheese and bread and these sweet little grapes – sheer poetry!

I can also never resist shiny horse chestnuts – the excuse that we need them “for kids’ crafts” has unfortunately become obsolete around here.  
(honestly: what’s more fun than collecting chestnuts with children? I can’t think of anything.)

For this reason I only pick up a few and use them sparingly as decoration, combined with small bowls made of delicate bisque and a few flea market treasures.

Acorns, beechnuts and other natural treasures would also look wonderful in these precious bowls – a great way to decorate for those people who prefer it stylish rather than rustic in the fall.
I went ahead and ordered several small bowls at once, as they create a warm and cozy atmosphere when used as votives – their filigree surface is very delicate, and they can even be used as drinking vessels.

Additionally I loosely placed some blackberry twigs into the vases – you’ll find them while taking a walk or at the farmer’s market’s flower stall.

The perfect mix between casual and elegant: the feather-weight down jacket is ideal for transitioning between seasons or during mild winters.
It is slightly fitted, creates a slim silhouette and you can combine it very differently, depending on the occasion -  I am wearing a similar one with a fur collar HERE .
The color is a warm (!) black, with a touch of navy blue.

The huge scarf is an awesome highlight – nearly as big as a blanket, warm and cuddly and embellished with a sequin band.
Tip: it turns even much softer and fuzzier after you have washed it by hand just once.
I am not going to go without huge scarves this season!

Both jacket and scarf are also available in other beautiful fall hues.

Sources of supply:

Bisque bowls : La Maison (different pattern here)
Diptyque candle: Ludwig Beck
White tray, candle sticks: flea market

Down jacket Blaumax:
 DeinLieblingsladen (also available in light grey and dark grey)
Scarf 10days: DeinLieblingsladen (also available in nude and mauve)

White shirt: Boss Orange
 men’s collection (I ordered it in size S and wear it oversized)
Sneakers Isabel Marrant: MyTheresa
Jeans: flea market
Ring (I call it the “Supergirl” ring, because the shape of the gem is similar to the Superman logo ;)): Sabrina Dehoff

I am going to pack my Dirndl and will go to Munich tomorrow, as I had an invitation in the mail to attend Octoberfest!



This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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