Sonntag, 12. April 2015

Barefoot living in Santa Cruz.

The sea.
Morning sunshine in front of the fireplace.
Being barefoot.
Super soft sofa.
Thrift-store shopping in San Francisco.
The wind.
Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. And strawberries. And toast with eggs and bacon.
Lunch at the farmers’ markets.
Types of lettuce I didn’t know before.
Sunset on the beach.
A big comfortable ship car, which nicely accommodates the kids’ boards. 
And which is great for them to sleep in on road trips. 
A landscape so beautiful that it hurts.
The vastness.
A house lovingly furnished with flea market finds. 
A surf teacher who – instead of pushing the kids – says: 
"Take your time. You have to feel the wave."

So... come in and take your time.
You have to feel the happiness.

Auf einem der Bilder entdeckt ihr drei kleine handgetöpfterte Becher in den Farben des 
You can see in one of the images three small hand-thrown mugs in the colors of the sea; I discovered them at Community Thrift, Valencia Street in San Francisco – as I only bought these and not an additional 3649 items I would like for you to give me some praise in the comments.

A paradise for food bloggers and stylists! 

By the way, my eldest daughter Jil spontaneously realized that she loves us very much. 
And very much loves spending time with us. 
Which is why she is going to sublet her apartment in Berlin and will stay with us soon. 
Only for love, of course! 

We will also have other wonderful visitors – but I will tell you more about that another time. 
(With these simplest of all stylistic-literary tricks I humor my followers to avoid them possibly leaving the blog just because there are “yet more pictures of the beach…”. She who has the skills…!) 



This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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