Samstag, 20. Dezember 2014

The most beautiful Christmas celebration of your life

Today I will tell you how to not only celebrate the most beautiful Christmas of your life this year – but also how your entire life can be like one big celebration. 
Generally I’m not one to be overly modest, however, this time I am deeply convinced that the sentence above is an utter understatement. 

Are we ready?

I am not sure whether you are aware of it, but you are the owner and ruler of an entire country. 

This country is your innermost being – and anything that happens there is because of YOUR decision. 
You can call this country “your thoughts and feelings”, or “your heart”, or “soul” or “your energy field” or “your aura” – no matter how you dub it, fact is: 
This country is in your possession and you are the constituted king of it. 

Everything that happens in this country has to be approved by you: 
Only those who have obtained your special permission are allowed to enter. 

Only those are allowed to stay in this country that you want to have there. 

Those you give the order to leave, have to leave this country IMMEDIATELY. 

This country can blossom and prosper and be so successful that it may even be able assist other countries in their development. 

The citizens of this country can be as happy and content as you wish them to be.

You can furnish and rule this country as nicely, as copiously, as excitingly and as freely as you like. 

If you want freedom to prevail in your country – then freedom will prevail. 
If you want that your country is populated solely by people who are good for you, who love you, inspire you and make you strong – then it will be exactly so.  
If you decide that your country should virtually be heaven on earth – a land of milk and honey – then THIS is what will happen. 

And it will be so – only and exclusively so – when you realize that it is YOU who has the final say. 
If you are not aware of this, the following will happen: 
This country will look like it was abandoned and is without a proper government. 

And we all know what happens in a case like this: 
Hordes of some greedy gangs invade, burn and destroy everything in their wake, take the citizens hostage and enslave them, and let the country bleed to death.

Look, this is exactly the reason why you are unhappy: 

Because you allow strangers to pass through your country, take whatever they want and lay waste to everything – and you the supreme ruler allow it, just like that. 
It is NOT, because they are so strong. 
It is NOT that they have permission to do so. 
It is, because YOU ALLOW IT. 

You just put up with sadness walking in and out of your life. 

You allow (consciously or subconsciously) that longing and deficit simply pillage, while you are lost in your daydreams about how things could have/should have/would have been, if not for….

You stand there, paralyzed, and do exactly NOTHING, while depression pretends to be strong and loneliness acts as if it rules your emotions, and you even get into arguments with the terrorists, while they simply destroy everything – although you could just remove them with one word! 

You play along when others (some with and some without a body ;)) take whatever they please in your country and exploit it based on lame reasoning – simply, because you do not exercise your authority. 


Anything that does not make you strong, that does not make you great and beautiful, anything that does not build you up and does not feel good to you, anything that does not further you and liberate you – all this is not God, and all this YOU DO NOT NEED IN YOUR COUNTRY. 
NO MATTER how attractive it might seem in the beginning and no matter how much you “think” you need it.

You have power of decision over all this, and only YOU can remove it permanently and once and for all from your country/life. 

You are absolutely CAPABLE and ABLE to do so. 
You have the chartered right of your sovereignty, which is approx. 2000 years old and it states that everything that has ever had power over you has been disempowered and disarmed.  

You are ONLY dealing with a defeated enemy, no battle necessary (!), as someone else has already won the battle for you. 
This birth right of your royal rule was obtained for you, and you can use it whenever you want, no questions asked and without having to prove anything at all beforehand. 
Ruler by birth! 

This life is not a battlefield and neither is it exhausting to keep your country clean. 
I repeat: 
Anything that does not positively influence your country is weak, ridiculous, small (and copies everything you do), does not carry real arms (just little plastic guns, imported from China, really bad imitations), and you can immediately remove it from your life with one single decision. 

1. "But Joanna, it isn’t that easy…I have tried it so often already…” 

It is ALWAYS hard, if you believe it is hard. 
As soon as you believe this shitty lie (and it is a lie!), everything will always be exhausting and look like a battle. 
As long as you are convinced (based on your experience) that no, is isn’t “that easy” – that’s how long it will apply to you. 

Away with your experience!
The old stuff is over!
No matter what your life and your decisions have looked like so far – I am here now and I’m telling you: it is easy. 
For you.
Maybe it is hard for some other 435.298475 million people, not your business, you are only responsible for YOUR country. 
And it is easy in YOUR country, got it? 


2. "But Joanna, the depressing thoughts keep returning!” 

Of course these douche bags try to return – because: 
The enemy might be weak, but he isn’t stupid! 

Good news for you:
You are not stupid either and you are strong to boot! 
So don’t let them take you for a ride! 
Don’t let them talk you into “nothing will change for you anyway, you have tried often enough, you are simply depressed, because your father did blablabla…and on top of it you have every reason to, just look at your life, blablabla…” 

It is the energy that – as soon as it succeeds in you believing its lies – is back meandering in and out, putting into your country whatever it wants, while you are busy “scrutinizing your life and dealing with your father”. 

But as soon as you take center stage as the one that you are – as soon as you say it as it is – as soon as you stop believing that scum (no matter how convincing it sounds! Remember: weak but not stupid! I guarantee it will still sound relatively plausible! Only further supported by external circumstances!) – as soon as you stop accepting it – you will literally be able to watch your world bit by bit becoming more beautiful and more liberated, and then even external circumstances will adapt to it. 

So: as of today only those enter and exit that YOU GIVE PERMISSION TO, you understand?
From now on! 

3. "But Joanna: I do know somehow that some things are bad for me – but I simply do not manage to get rid of them.” 

Yes, I understand.

There are people, for example, that you hold dear, although you kind of notice that in reality they drag you down. 
Or you have such a close emotional bond to them that you allow them to treat you like dirt – you come crawling back like a worm, although they actually look down on.
It can be a spouse/partner, a friend, a parent, the boss, etc. – it does not matter who it is: you cling to their attention like a drug, and although you can feel that they are destroying you, you cannot renounce them.
Like an alcoholic cannot renounce the booze. 

Good news for you:
FROM NOW ON this slavery is over for you. 
You do not allow this destructive energy in your country any longer. 

You will finish it TODAY. 
Quite simply.
You will walk the talk.

And this is how you will do it:
You finish it.
You delete all text messages.
You delete all Whatsapp messages.
You delete all mails.
You delete all numbers.
You remove everything that connects you to this person (in as far as it is doable in practice).
You remove everything from your life that this person has an influence on. 
You do not leave ANY door ajar to come back later. 

If in fact it is not a person, but a habit, you do the same thing. 
You remove everything that offers you an opportunity to indulge in this habit. 
It does not matter what it is – you know exactly what to do – you are not that stupid. 

The only thing that has been missing up to now was the strength to do it – and this is where I come in. 
Today everything is different, as today this strength is available to you through me. 

So take my hand now and do it already. 
All of your excuses don’t mean anything to me – it isn’t you anyway who thinks like this, and it is all a lie anyway. 
I can also bear your tears – if you have to cry, go ahead and cry – if I was a terrorist I would also cry, if I had to leave a country on the spot that I had had permission to plunder for years! 

All the voices that are telling you right now, that you will not be able to do this, that you will be alone and abandoned, unable to live and unsuccessful, lonely and poor, broken and down and out – you notice it yourself, don’t you? 
They are not true, believe me!
You can really trust me in this. 

It is very easy for you!
See #1 again!
Easy, easy, easy!
Don’t believe anything else!

My darling, once you have taken these steps you will discover immeasurable expanses. 
You will see how big and wide your country is. 
You will spread your wings and finally be able to enjoy the riches of your country. 
You will become so beautiful and strong, like you had never dared to dream of before. 
You will discover things and experience adventures that nobody has ever discovered and experienced. 

Your life will be one celebration of freedom and greatness – Christmas pales in comparison! 
Love takes you to another dimension – and more and more you will become who you have always been: 
beautiful, radiating, strong and free.

Well, now I ask you:
Are you going to exercise your power in your country from this day forward? 



If THIS was not one contemplative Christmas post, I really don’t know what is.  

This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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