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My 6 winter basics!

Today I am going to promote some local sights again: 
As I mentioned a few times before we live near one of the world’s most beautiful castles and we enjoy the privilege of being able to savor the splendor of times gone by at any given time. 

When all this lies right around the corner, one person or another might forget to truly acknowledge this gift and rather leave the tourists to it, which is a big mistake. 
In case you are among those people you better make an appointment with the Queen’s Chambermaid right now.
It is definitely one of the most entertaining and interesting guided tours in existence – my husband even thinks it is the best he has ever experienced. 

(And once you are there, do peek inside the Fashion Museum!)

If you are still planning a visit in winter: dress warmly! 
You can march through the regal chambers all cuddled up in a fur coat and pompom hat. 

In the pictures I am wearing my favorite everyday winter outfit – I feel the most comfortable in this look, as it keeps me warm, feels good and I am neither underdressed (AS IF YOU COULD EVER BE UNDERDRESSED IN GERMANY!), nor overdressed – in other words it’s always somehow just right. 

I wrote down the 6 building blocks of my all-time favorite winter look – and added some personal advice and tricks: 

1. Grey cashmere sweater. 

No matter how you combine it, a grey cashmere sweater is indispensable for me and I have assembled a small collection of them by now – these sweaters are all being worn over and over! 
By the way, no need to wash a cashmere sweater after wearing it once – a little airing is absolutely sufficient. 

My advice: 
- the first sweaters are on sale already – before the official start the size selection is still better and they won’t be much cheaper later either. 
- If you buy a thrift-store cashmere sweater, it really should be very gently worn, because of the pilling. 
- If your size is no longer available, go up a size: most of the time the sweater will still fit beautifully and will look a tad more relaxed.

3. Closed
4. Repeat

2. Black leather pants. 

I hardly ever wore jeans last winter – I don’t know why, but leather pants instantly turn everything cooler and at the same time more casual. 
Cashmere and denim? Boring...
Cashmere and leather? WOW.
Silk blouse with denim? Nice...
Silk blouse with leather? Oh lala.

Essentially it does not even matter whether it is real or fake, they have already come up with very well-made imitation leather that is very comfortable to wear.  
I bought another real leather pair of pants for this winter and I am very happy with it.

My advice: 
I do not take my real leather pants to the dry cleaner’s, but wash them on a wool cycle in the washing machine – has worked wonderfully so far! 

1. Cream (imitation leather)
2. Freaky Nation (leather)
3. Oakwood (leather)

3. Pointed ankle boots. 

With regard to heels I can only do either very high or very low – with one exception: 
My pointed black ankle boots for winter may run a little lower – and still do not like “Little House–Betty Barclay–Over Forty–Mom”. 
I cannot really explain to you why this is so – in any case these shoes are super comfortable and in spite of their lower heel very stylish. 

I wore them about 80% of the time last year, with the result that the heels looked appropriately done and the toe caps pretty much finished, as they were fake leather.  
Just in time for the beginning of fall I stocked up on two pairs of nearly identical, somewhat higher-quality pairs made of real leather – so if it seems as if I always wear the same shoes in the pictures, appearances are deceptive ;). 

My advice:
They also match skirts and dresses wonderfully and make the look a bit cooler and less lady-like in an instant – works even with the very chic ones.
Rule of thumb: the more petite the built the more delicate the shoe – but try it for yourselves. 

2. Boss
4. Bagatt
8. Unisa

4. Coat.

Besides my preference for dresses and skirts, I am a bit of a sucker for coats: in summer I already look forward to being able to wear my coats in the fall! 
I bought the cuddly Max&Co. coat in Rome at a temperature of nearly 90º in June – as I loved the color and the material so much. 
Noelle and I both really like wearing it, fake fur works beautifully  for any age.  

My advice: better short or medium length than calf length, as it looks fresher and younger! 

2. Only
4. Only
5. Mango

5. Hat.

With all these basics an eye-catcher is definitely called for: it can be a pretty watch, a piece of jewelry or a cool hat. 

Up until now I have always believed that I am not the hat type – for years this is the first warm hat that I really like to wear! 
My head is relatively small and if the hat was tight-fitting it flattened everything additionally. 

When actually the real solution is: proportions! 
The chunky knit in itself adds more volume than usual and the pompom creates a visual balance – it works after all ;). 

I bought my hat at Breuninger – it took me ages to decide on a color. 

6. Delicate jewelry. 

I usually prefer big statement rings, but this season I allowed my daughters to inspire me and I often wear many delicate, slender rings combined. 

One of the rings is a little more pricey – the others are available at H&M or Asos in very inexpensive bulk packs. 
My rose-gold ring is by Ultima (Dein Lieblingsladen).

Have you discovered the big family poster? 
I had it made for my sister for Christmas at  Engel+Banditen – you can order it in different sizes and in personalized versions.
(Originally there were 2 big baubles sitting in front of it, see HERE. My advice: do not prop up the poster, hang it up. Don’t ask.)  

I am wearing:
fake fur coat: Breuninger
leather pants: Oakwood
cashmere top: Closed
rose-gold ring: Dein Lieblingsladen

velvet pillow + velvet throw: Tine K. via Geliebtes Zuhause.
family poster: Engel+Banditen


p.s. For all of you who asked about Noelle’s skirt that she wore to yesterday’s ballet performance – hers is vintage, bought in London, the same one is available in 3 colors at Asos right now!
(we always wear an additional black half slip underneath ;)). 

This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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