Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014


Instead of a monthly review I have wonderful news for you today:

As of today Liebesbotschaft will be available IN ENGLISH!

While only some of the posts here and there have been written in English so far, ALL of them will be published in English from now on – I am very excited about this!

A few weeks ago I received a mail from the wonderful Eva who has been living on the west coast of the USA for many years; apart from a being mother of four and a reader of my blog she is a professional translator.

It was also her who came up with the idea of collaborating – the two of us are as excited as two little girls who are about to open a big door:


I’d be thrilled if you shared the link to this post with everyone – so that many people around the world may be inspired, encouraged and motivated!
It is a gift to all your friends abroad, and a lovely opportunity to bring joy to others.

Eva doesn’t only translate the texts with great reliability and perfection, but also with a lot of passion and pleasure in the work – she loves what she’s doing!

If you are interested in publishing your homepage and posting your blog in English too, you can send your inquiries to Ginnell Studio."

Thank you, dear Eva, for your support!
And many thanks to Nicole for the beautiful drawings!


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