Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Hello July!

In June...

- we celebrated the re-launch of the Liebesbotschaft international site: the blog for all English-speaking readers was created in collaboration with Eva from Ginnell Studio,

- and we kept right on celebrating: first it was my big birthday (yay!), then Ben turned 13 (as of now I officially have a house full of teenagers) and I created a "Hobbit" dessert table, because...

-... we brought a real sword back from Rome for Ben.
But we didn’t travel to Italy only to buy weapons:
I told you about my adventures HEREHERE and HERE, including the most beautiful drawings by the wonderful Nicole Adler.
In addition there was a lot of style and food inspiration for la dolce vita at home!

- speaking of home:
summer made its entrance – with fresh flowers, new pillows and the loveliest mugs, lots of blue (HEREHERE, and HERE), and some recipes:

- an Italian pasta dish: Pasta alla Norma con Salsiccia,
- Jil’s healthy (vegan) mousse au chocolat,
- and finger food while watching soccer: chicken kabobs, coleslaw and home-made spice mix for fries!

- there was also new input on how to be truly sexy!

I am very much looking forward to spending July with you – it’s going to be the summer of our lives!

How so?
Well, because…nothing on the outside has the right to determine how you’re feeling – if you decide to live in maximum happiness, no other person and no situation can stop you from doing so!
You also have me, what else do you need to be happy…

And I am always with you (in your heart or in writing online), and so we can celebrate the summer together, for example by…

- testing a few light summer recipes,
- doing a simple AND stylish DIY craft project,
- getting inspired once again by the women of Rome, 
- and by enjoying every day, as if it was our first on this planet!

I read a bumper sticker on a car today:”born to live.” – beside it pictures of dogs from the pound.

Dogs aside – all I thought was:
I am in this world to LIVE – and not to worry, to be upset, to eat bad food, to have bad sleepless nights, and to be in a crappy mood (and blame everyone else for it).
I am born to L I V E!
And so are YOU!

And that means in the best sense of the word: like God on earth!

It’s often easy to forget, when circumstances raise their voice so loudly, right…

So, for this reason, the monthly reminder from Liebesbotschaft:


You’re welcome, my pleasure ;).


This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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