Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Yippieeeeeee is here!

About a year and a half ago I received a mail by a reader that was so unusually crazy and joyful that I spontaneously replied, although I don’t do that very often for lack of time.
Something even rarer (for the same reason) happened then: the two of us met in person and we loved each other to bits from the very first moment.

Olivia is one of the most creative and cheerful people that I know on this planet (I honestly don’t think she ever moved beyond age 12…) – and this is exactly the reason why I am especailly delighted to introduce to you her newly hatched baby:

together with Steffi she created a place on the web that just seems to bubble with zest for life and ideas:

Yippie Universe is a real treasure trove of lovingly created party and craft ideas.
Whether it is postcards with sweet messages, gift tags, party decoration or a complete concept for Easter including recipes: 
everything is designed with a lot of love and creativity down to the last little detail!

What’s so special about it:
in order to get your hands on the material and templates you don’t need anything sent to you by mail – everything is at your house within a few minutes.

How does this work?

- choose your design,
- download,
- print,
- glue, etc.

You will find more detailed instructions

I tried some of the Easter templates, you can see the entire concept HERE.
By the way, who of you recognizes the sweet Easter bunny ;)?
He has visited me before!

Yippie Universe is at its very beginning:
gradually, though, innumerable ideas and designs to download and make will be added.

For starters here is a little welcome gift for you:

HERE you can print out pretty postcards.

I wish Olivia and Steffi a glorious start, shower them with confetti and shout:


With love,

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