Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

Sundays on the beach & in the city.

In case you have to walk a ways to the beach during your summer vacation, and maybe want to get yourself a coffee-to-go or an ice-cream cone on the way – or you wish to go out to eat or stroll through town afterwards, I have the world’s prettiest idea for an outfit up my sleeve today: 

Top, shorts and blazer with a big beach cloth and a laid-back tote, which is pretty both in the city and on the beach. 
But the cloth is also fitting to take with you on the way to a summer meadow, as it is very light yet huge enough to be able to lie down on it comfortably. 

For truth be told, the cloth is a beach blanket: but I think it is too nice to be stuffed inside your bag. 
This is why I always wear it draped around my shoulders in a casual way, as it is woven from soft cotton and has a pretty pattern. 
At the same time it protects well against the wind, which is omnipresent here in Santa Cruz. 

But it also comes in super handy as a beach blanket, for it has a small sewn-in pouch to hide your cell phone, keys etc. in. 

And these multi-functional accessories are even double as useful in your luggage, because they save a lot of weight!  

My favorite item, though, is definitely the big shopper by 10days, because it is my companion on a daily basis: it fits two big beach towels, as well as books, sunscreen and drinks.

Its sequin handles make it cool enough for San Francisco at the same time. 
In order for small items to not get lost inside the big bag there is a small matching pouch for sunglasses etc. 

You know my blazer already from this post:
It serves me well here in California, as it is an all-rounder and matches the casual style perfectly.

I would like to warmly congratulate DeinLieblingsladen on its 2nd birthday with this post! 
And there is also a little treat for you: 
enjoy free shipping for the entire month of May for this reason!  

And in case you don’t have any plans yet for Mother’s Day, or you want to treat your moms, why don’t you send them to the 

SUMMER EVENT organized by Villa Smilla & Dein Lieblingsladen next Saturday!

You will be able to try out the bag in real life and drape the beach cloth around your neck. 
Or you can see which color matches you the best, as the cloth is available in many beautiful colors. 

You can order tickets for it HERE.

Tank top: HERE (also available in this version) – the top is great to wear over your bikini; I like layering it with a simple white top underneath. 

Beach cloth: HERE
Shopper by 10Days: HERE
Small pouch by 10Days: HERE

Everything via Dein Lieblingsladen.



This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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