Freitag, 22. August 2014

late summer days.

There were 4 teenagers with hopeful eyes and packed bags in my house on Monday morning – this image stopped me from staying at home despite my heavy head cold.

Sniffling and coughing I set out on my way – I took Jil to the airport beforehand, because she simply didn’t fit into the car anymore!

We stayed in Berlin for a few days before driving towards the Baltic sea:
upon arrival yesterday afternoon we dragged the suitcases into the apartment, I lay down in my bed, fell asleep instantly and only woke up this morning after 12 hours of sleep.

The early morning hours are nearly the nicest around here:

gentle light filters in, I get cozy with a big mug of tea and read a little.
Until they all wake up I will have prepared the pancake batter and will be making a big pot of hot chocolate for everyone.

I am still here on my own with four kids, but in a few days my husband and Jil are going to follow.

Aren’t the hydrangeas’ berry hues a wonderful inspiration for late summer?
I can hardly get enough of them!

I am full of anticipation for fall – but first let’s enjoy the Indian summer together:  
Pleasant temperatures at the seaside, not quite so hot anymore, long walks in the fresh air and first fall essentials such as cuddly cardigans, scented candles and tea – I will show you my favorites in a few days.  

I’ll close with a tip for long car rides:
Dreckswetter und Morgenröte is a TRULY suspenseful audio book, which will fascinate both boys and girls – the long car was over in a jiffy!  Recommended for ages 12 and up, and absolutely appropriate even for “cool” teenagers.

Love from the Baltic sea!  

This post was translated by Ginnell Studio.

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