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Simple&stylish DIY!

What do most DIY craft instructions have in common?

Unfortunately the results usually look very much like “kids’ craft camp”.
(Nice, when you are 4 years old – I, on the other hand, prefer the grown-up corner, the one labeled “stylish”).

I guarantee this won’t happen with my craft idea of the day:  
Although making it is as easy as child’s play, the ball-studded magnet board is so elegant yet simple at the same time, that you are bound to be asked whether it hasn’t earned a design award yet.

"Nope", you are going to reply while trying to look as cool as possible, as if you had created it all just between peeling potatoes and walking the dog, “I made it myself.”

Best thing about it:
You WILL be able to create it between peeling potatoes and walking the dog.
Because it takes only a few minutes!

Should you happen to have no dog to walk, you can use the time that it takes for the paint to dry to make home-made ice-cream.
Equally simple and quick.
But more about that in a minute.

You will find wooden balls without holes, or with just one drill hole, in craft stores.
You will either spray-paint them with colorful paint, or leave them in their natural wooden state– whatever matches your interior decoration.

Get creative and design a board with a nautical theme in white/red/blue for the summer, in bright crayon box colors for your child’s room, or stylishly in black and white for the entrance hall!

DIY magnets:

- wooden balls in different sizes without drill holes (or with just one hole)
- extra strong magnets (e.g. via Amazon)
- paint – either spray paint or paint to apply with a paint brush
- hot glue gun

If you decide to paint the balls with a paint brush you need the ones with one hole for sure – stick them on a pencil for an easier way to apply the paint.
The paint will look more even if you spray it on – in this case place the balls inside a cardboard box with one side cut off. This is the side you operate the spray-paint from, the other 3 sides will protect your surroundings.
Once the paint is dry apply another 2 to 3 layers of spray-paint, so everything is covered evenly, let paint dry in between layers.

Now apply a small dot of hot glue with the hot glue gun, stick the small magnet on – done!

For those you got carried away and bought some balls with two holes and are now right in the swing of things, spray-paint those, too.
Now send the intern outside to look for a pretty branch to hang the balls off of.
(If you don’t have one you can’t realize this idea. Tschigelung. Tho thorry.)

And now for all non-dog-owners:

NOW is the perfect time to turn all those sweet berries and summer fruit into the most delicious, fruity ice-cream, almost effortlessly and no ice-cream maker required!

Why not make 3 kinds at the same time?

Strawberry ice-cream
14 oz. strawberries
1 Tbsp confectioner’s sugar

Purée and fill into small ice-cream molds.

Strawberry coconut ice-cream

10 ½ oz. strawberries
1 cup whipping cream
4 tsp confectioner’s sugar
1 tsp coconut oil (dissolved in a little bit of hot water)
½ tsp vanilla seeds

Purée and fill into small ice-cream molds.

Frozen yogurt (the simple, extremely delicious kind)
1 tub natural yogurt
3 Tbsp whipping cream
2 Tbsp confectioner’s sugar
1 Tbsp freshly pressed lime or lemon juice
Mix everything together and fill into small molds.

Have you decided to get yourself a dog and make a magnet board while licking strawberry ice-cream?

Have fun with it!
And don’t forget to walk the dog ;).

Sources of supply:
Extra strong magnets: Amazon
Wooden balls (with one hole for the magnet board): Amazon
Wooden balls (with two holes for the hanging decoration): Amazon
Magnet board: Ikea

Ice-cream mold + popsicle sticks: geliebtes Zuhause (due to the result of yesterday’s soccer match 7% discount on everything ;)).


Thank you, Ginnell Studio, for translating this post!

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